Eat Like an Athlete

Advice on eating a healthy and balanced by nutrition taking inspiration from professional athletes to perform at your best in life and competition.

Have you ever wondered how professional athletes stay strong and fit? How they recover after competition and training, how much water they drink, what they eat, and when? Do you or your kids play local competition sport, or run in marathons or go on long distance bike rides? And would you like to know what you can learn from the nutrition of professionals in the field?
In Eat Like an Athlete, sports dietitian Simone Austin shares practical tips and suggestions on how to boost your energy and performance through nutrition, derived from her years of experience advising advising elite athletes. Simone’s hands-on manual allows people of all ages, from weekend warriors to professional players, to give their bodies optimal nourishment for training, competition and recovery. In Eat Like an Athlete, you will get all the info available to professional athletes. Let Simone Austin help you to optimise your performance in the sport and physical activities you enjoy.

Keiran Mackin

Keiran Mackin

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