Clean Lean Protein

Clean Lean Protein

Clean Lean Protein is a premium European golden pea protein that is completely allergen-free and 100% natural. No gluten, dairy, soy, nuts or eggs. No fillers, additives or preservatives. And no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

High in protein, yet low in carbohydrates and fat, Clean Lean Protein supports healthy weight management and helps your body to recover faster so that you can get back to doing the things you love. It has the world’s highest source of plant protein and its paleo friendly too. This is a result of our natural enzymatic water isolation process that effective removes phytic acid, lectins and trypsin inhibitors.

With a 98% digestibility rating, Clean Lean Protein is light on the stomach, easy to digest and easy to absorb therefore causing none of the bloating and digestive upset often associated with other types of protein supplements.

Clean Lean Protein’s light profile results in an incredibly smooth texture and mixes easily, even just with water. It makes the perfect addition to smoothies, pancakes, protein treats and even sweet or savoury baked goods. Available in Smooth Vanilla, Rich Chocolate, Wild Strawberry, Real Coffee and Just Natural it’s the cleanest, most versatile protein out there to effectively and efficiently support your health and wellness goals.

Keiran Mackin

Keiran Mackin

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