Rasasara Skinfood Pitta Face Nourishing Oil


Cooling & calming for fair or sensitive skin- apply with hydrating mist to leave the skin feeling soft, cool & dewy. Combine 3-4 drops with 2 sprays hydrating mist to make a daily moisturising serum.

Protective, reparative & balancing for all skin types, Ayurvedic nourishing oils made from pure plant essences – essential oils [EOs]; antiseptic, anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory EOs protect from infection, whilst aromatically balancing the doshas. Highly active, their fine molecular structure enables the penetration of their cellular healing properties to reach all 7 layers of the skin within minutes of application — improving circulation, stimulating cell growth, strengthening connective tissue. Naturally anti-ageing, EOs restore the body’s subtle intelligence & boost cellular immunity

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