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Gourmet Macadamia Hamper — Brookfarm

Brookfarm’s award-winning premium oven roasted macadamias are tossed with pink lake salt, sustainably harvested by Mt Zero in western Victoria, and blended with Meru Miso’s Sweet White (Shiro) Miso to bring you this limited-edition Macadamia Miso. Sweet, salty, earthy and full of umami, use this miso just as you would for any recipe calling for White Miso. An excellent addition with fish, chicken, vegetables or even sweet applications like brownies with macadamia miso. It is seriously tasty!

In their first collaboration with Meru Miso, Australia’s leading producer of Australian made Miso and Japanese ferments, seems a perfect match with Brookfarm, who are known as Australia’s leading producer of Australian made macadamia breakfasts and snacks.