belgian recipes

Stoemp Hr

Belgian Stoemp

Stoemp is one of the most popular, widely made Belgian dishes. Traditionally, it is a dish of mashed potatoes with one or more additional vegetables. Because variety is so important nutritionally, this is a supercharged side that’s certainly worth the extra effort and so much more nourishing and delicious than plain old mash.

Belgian Curry Mussels Hr 2

Belgian Curry Mussels with Frites

Mussels are a staple in Belgium and they are traditionally served with crunchy fries (frites). They are most often cooked French-style but can also be found cooked a multitude of ways, including curried.

Belgium Speculaas

Belgian Speculaas Biscuits

Speculaas are traditional Belgian biscuits made with a delicious spice blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom and cloves. This is a version using more nutrient-dense flours; a mix of brown-rice flour, blanched almond meal and spelt flour. These biscuits are pressed into a decorative wooden mould in the shape of a windmill, boat or person before baking, but any biscuit shape will do.

Chicken Waterzooi

Chicken Waterzooi

Waterzooi literally translates to “watery mess”, but this dish is anything but. Rich and creamy comfort food has been lightened up with a quick swap of the traditional full cream for evaporated milk. It’s a hug in a bowl.

Belgian Braised Stew

Belgian Braised Stew

This delicious and rich stew is traditionally made using rabbit and a dark beer. I’ve mixed it up a bit by using easier-to-source chicken and a good-quality cider.