Happy Place Pana Organic Vegan Chai

Happy Place Chai

Sip in bliss with Pana Organic’s delicious vegan chai drink, made with their Chai Blend and signature Hazelnut Chocolate Spread — yum!

Nerada Organics Chai Tea

Chai is a traditional blend of tea and various spices loved by many around the world for its rich and complex flavours. Nerada’s interpretation of this blend only uses the finest carefully selected organic tea and spices.

Arkadia Golden latte 240g

A perfect blend of turmeric, spices and organic panela sugar, this golden beauty is fast becoming the preferred choice for people looking for a caffeine free, gluten free, vegan friendly morning pick-me-up.

Arkadia Chai Tea Low Sugar 240g

A perfect blend of tea, exotic spices and natural sweeteners, this café style beverage is 99% sugar free and contains just 51 calories per serve when made on water as directed.

Arkadia Chai Tea Spice 240g

Experience true café indulgence with Australia’s favourite chai. Every soothing sip is a perfect balance of tea, aromatic spices and distinctive flavours.

Arkadia Chai Tea Vegan 240g

A perfect balance of black tea and ground spices, with no added dairy or other animal products. This café style beverage is gluten free and contains no artificial flavours & colours.

Poached Chai Pear Chocolate Cake

Poached Chai Pear Chocolate Cake

Pears are a great source of soluble fibre, with one pear providing around a quarter of your daily recommended fibre intake, and the warming spices in chai are beneficial for digestive health, balancing blood sugar levels and for improving circulation.