Easy DIY Fermented Vegetables

Easy DIY Fermented Vegetables

Fermented vegetables are traditionally eaten in many countries around the world but are unfortunately missing from the common Western diet. When foods are fermented they create beneficial bacteria such as lactobacilli, which enhances the growth of beneficial bowel bacteria. The fermenting process also boosts the vegetables digestibility and increases their nutrient content. Here’s a delightful recipe to try at home.

Pullapart Green Bread Pestos

Pull-apart Green Bread

This outrageous green beauty has recently become a brand-new staple for a supercharged kitchen. It’s the perfect pull-apart bread to tear and share, and fantastic for a healthy and hearty breakfast with an endless variety of toppings or leftovers. Packed with greens and fresh herbs, it’s also a good sandwich option, and one that’s simple to make. Experiment nat home with your favourite herbs, toppings and seasonings.