Healthy Fakeaway

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Almond Pad Thai

This Almond Pad Thai adds a healthy & flavourful twist to the popular Thai takeaway. This dish is the perfect way to indulge your taste buds!

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Spicy Salmon Tacos

This tasty spicy salmon taco recipe is sure to become a favourite in your meal rotation. Salmon is an excellent source of beneficial omega-3 essential fatty acids which are vital for brain function, cardiovascular health and
a strong-functioning immune system. Omega-3 fats also have potent anti-inflammatory properties. Regular taco shells are deep fried in vegetable oil, so making tasty oven-baked taco shells from home is much healthier and they taste better too!

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Healthy Family Chicken

I know you’re going to find this hard to believe, but that crunchy, crispy coating on our friend The Colonel’s chicken can be made just as easily at home — without deep-frying! Try it and you’ll never look back.

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Fish & Chips

My father-in-law used to cook the most incredible yet simple meals for us on a cast-iron plate over a wood fire while we all worked on our bush block. His specialty was potatoes, sliced super thin on the spot using his pocketknife, cooked to perfection on that hot plate until they were crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. He would team them with freshly caught flathead fillets, dusted in seasoned flour and cooked in a light coating of butter. To this day, Pop’s Chips are the solution to anything that ails us.