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Recipes for a healthy gut

Kfibre™ is a complex and natural fibre supplement that supports microbial diversity by feeding various bacteria in your gut. Backed by years of university research, Kfibre nourishes your microbiome, just like fertiliser nourishes your garden.

Avocado toast

Avocado on Toast

The perfect Avocado Toast, such a simple but perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner! Add some Kfibre to the mix to make it just that much better!

Crumbed Fish

Crumbed Fish

A simply delicious meal set to make your tastebuds fly! A flavourful crumbed fish served with sauteed Asian greens over a bed of rice.

Curstless Quiche Health Food Symmetry Kfibre

Crustless Quiche

Kfibre™ is a complex fibre made from sugarcane with most of the sucrose removed. This chemical-free process preserves the cell wall components and results in a high 87 per cent content of total dietary fibre with prebiotic effects. Such fibre contains both soluble and insoluble fractions in addition to retaining complex micronutrients and polyphenols.