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Holistic Living Q&A with Naked Foods

Caique Ponzoni is the CEO and founder of sustainable, organic bulk wholefoods company, Naked Foods. Starting at local Farmers Markets in Sydney, Caique realised there was a real passion and appetite from Australians to eat better. Naked Foods is all about shedding the weight of today’s modern and often unhealthy diet.

As more and more people are moving towards a holistic, wholesome way of living, we sit down with Caique Ponzoni to get his take on the growing trend from a retail perspective.


Do you believe there is an opportunity for Naked Foods to offer new products for natural living this year?

Yes! We already provide a large range of natural products, and in 2019 we’re looking to introduce a new line of sustainable household products to complement our existing selection.


What were the top five products customers purchased in 2018 (food or supplements) at Naked Foods? Why do you think those products were so successful?

Raw chocolates are always extremely popular – we are a health foods store first and foremost, but everyone deserves a treat sometimes! We pride ourselves on offering natural and vegan alternatives that our customers can enjoy without the packaging. Our raw nuts and nut butters are very well loved – especially almonds and our ABC (almonds, brazil nuts and cashews) mix. Our dried mangoes are consistently in our top three bestsellers and are extremely popular for lunch boxes too. Our kombucha on tap has always been extremely popular and is on the rise, along with veggie and chicken broths due to an increasing focus on gut health and good bacteria.


What products do you see consumers being attracted to in 2019, and why? What are your predictions on the top products for 2019?

We expect adaptogens to increase in popularity in 2019, such as mushroom powders (reishi, chaga and lion’s mane) and ashwagandha. As Australian culture moves more towards a fast-paced and stressful lifestyle, there is an increase in products (such as adaptogens) intended to improve wellbeing. Products high in protein and fats are also on the rise, along with ketogenic diets.


What is Naked Foods doing to attract consumers who are passionate about natural living?

We are always going back to our core values to help drive the direction of the brand, with a focus on sustainability, reduced packaging and fighting food waste. We hope to continue to drive in this direction, work with communities who share our values and encourage customers to shop sustainably.


In your organisation, how do you describe this consumer?

Our “Naked Tribe” consists of a huge mix of customers. There are definitely many millennials in that mix who are conscious of their wellbeing and environmental footprint. There are also older generations who love the feeling of going back to basics – they come in and say, “Oh my gosh, this is how my parents/grandparents used to shop!”


How important is origin, sustainability and recycled packaging to this consumer?

Origin, sustainability and packaging are 100 per cent important to our customers. There are customers who shop organic no matter what, or Australian no matter what. There is a huge group of customers who bring their own containers and jars into stores, and our number-one question across our digital media is usually regarding packaging and sustainability.


Do you see growth in protein powders and other smoothie products?

We definitely see growth in our protein powders and adaptogens, which are often used in smoothies. There are two ways to look at this: one is the growth of people on high-protein diets; the other is the rise of veganism, which leads to a higher demand of plant-based protein.


Do you see growth in healthy convenience and snack products?

We’ve been seeing massive growth in snack demand recently. As more and more Australians are living a fast-paced lifestyle, we have seen more people searching for a quick, on-the-go snack that they won’t feel guilty consuming.


Are Daigou shoppers important to Naked Foods stores?

We don’t see that much in our industry at the moment (that we know of!).


What are the most popular buzzwords you hear in Naked Foods?

This varies massively across our different locations and demographics. Keto and veganism are huge movements at the moment, but we still have many customers seeking paleo, gluten-free, kosher and nut-free products.


If there was one product you wish someone would invent, what would it be?

We’re proud of all the products we stock and don’t currently have anything in mind to add to the collection (apart from those already in the pipeline)! It would be amazing to see someone invent a way to reverse the damage we’ve done to the environment and steer us back in the right direction. Maybe a device to get all the plastic out of the ocean and repurpose it responsibly?


Do you see any evolving industry trends in this area?

There is definitely a huge shift in awareness of the impact of our actions on the environment, so we remain hopeful that one day we will be back on track and in the right direction.


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Ally McManus

Ally McManus

Ally McManus, the editor of WellBeing Yoga Experience and the founding editor of Being magazine, is a freelance writer and editor in magazine and book publishing. She also teaches yoga and meditation on Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula.

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