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Laughter lies

We can tell when someone is faking a laugh a majority of the time.


No laughing matter

Comedians have unique personality traits that allow them to make us laugh.


Is it time to have a good laugh?

Laughter is good for you. It is not being silly and not a distraction. It’s good to learn to laugh at home and at work and important to laugh with your colleagues. How much better to work in a happy environment?


“Laughter is the best Medicine” and “Sex is wonderful too”. Both raise all the feel-good chemicals and emotions and lots of research has been done on the benefits of “Sex and Laughter”.


Laugh medicine

Genuine laughter can reduce susceptibility to pain and has social effects too.

Laughing & stress release

Laughing is one of the best known remedies of a lot of illnesses. People have been known to laugh themselves well from cancer or to stop anxiety attacks through learning how to laugh. It can also seriously lighten your mood and your outlook on life and reduce stress and anxiety. Laughing is a lot more […]