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Can recliner chairs be a solution to back pain?

Back pain is a common condition that affects many Australians. From yoga to daily posture exercises, the solutions to alleviate the pain are far and wide. But now modern technology has offered another solution – recliners. Wellbeing investigates.

Treating The Pain Of Heartburn

Treating the pain of heartburn

WellBeing’s resident holistic practitioner details one patient’s struggle with heartburn and how she treated the condition naturally.

A holistic approach to treating chronic pain

Chronic pain: What it is and how to treat it

Pain is a complex physical phenomenon that is intimately bound with emotions and mental states. When pain becomes chronic the consequences are far-reaching and profound. You don’t have to just mask pain though, as there are gentle yet powerful natural approaches that have proven positive effects in relieving chronic pain.

Nageze Jointpain Wellbeing

Nageze Joint Pain 30 Capsules

Nageze Joint Pain is for active people who have clocked a few miles yet have no intention of slowing down. With a dual action, naturally derived anti-inflammatory formula, Nageze Joint Pain provides daily relief from recurring and persistent aches and pains. The two active ingredients, Turmeric BetaSorb® and TermiPain® are combined to relieve pain and […]