Wim Hoff Technique

The Hof Technique

“It gives you a lifeforce, a libido, a sense of power, possibility, hope, optimism,”

– Russell Brand

How would you summon the stamina to set 26 gruelling world records such as climbing icy Mount Everest in only shorts and shoes? Dutch “Iceman,” Wim Hof, accessed the energy to achieve this through a mix of meditation, breathing based pranayama and exposure to cold. Hof says he had to find a way to cope and carry on for his four kids after his wife ended her life. “Power is within us all. Anything can be overcome by going within,” encourages the enigmatic Hof.

Advocates for the Wim Hof Method include celebrities Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris and Lewis Howes. Adherents say it improves sleep, reduces stress, raises immunity, fortifies commitment, and sharpens focus. It has been scientifically proven by the Feinstein Institute, Dr. Matthijs Kox and Dr. Peter Pickkers to ease flu-like symptoms, increase oxygenation, stimulate neurotransmitters, voluntarily raise adrenalin, reduce altitude sickness, boost blood alkalinity and lower inflammation. One also learns to master the autonomic nervous system through extreme cold stimulation. Nurse Christina Casey told Healthline, “Being able to step outside during my shifts and tap into breathwork was a lifesaver. It not only helped my body reset, but [it] gave some quiet time to process all the emotions I was experiencing.”

Hof’s contagious energy is catching with classes and a free app available world-wide. (wimhofmethod.com/wim-hof-method-mobile-app.) You can also sample three mini classes at wimhofmethod.com/free-mini-class or for an instructor nearby see wimhofmethod.com/instructors

The Wim Hof technique

Escape your numbing comfort zone to feel alive and inspired again with a dose of Wim Hof medicine. It’s ideal to practice this technique on an empty stomach and under expert supervision initially if possible. Never practice in a dangerous situation such as a moving vehicle or in water as some people feel light headed and even faint. If you get dizzy or light headed pause until you feel better. Set aside 15 minutes in a quiet and comfortable sitting or lying position.

  1. Keeping your body relaxed, focus on the natural rise and fall of your respiration.
  2. Inhale intensely through the nose or mouth with the air filling the belly so it protrudes.
  3. Immediately let out an effortless exhalation through the mouth as the belly flattens.
  4. Repeat inhalation and exhalation for 30 breaths.
  5. After the 30th inhalation, exhale completely and hold for as long as you can while relaxing and witnessing your thoughts. The app tracks your retention time.
  6. When really needed take a deep inhalation and hold for 15 seconds before releasing.
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 three times
  8. Finally you can go into a cold shower, bath or body of water for as long as is tolerable.

Wim Hof isn’t recommended for those who are pregnant or have a history of blood pressure issues, respiratory problems, seizures or stroke.

WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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