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Ancient Grains Breakfast Smoothie

Freezing fruit is a brilliant way to ensure you always have smoothie ingredients on hand and it’s an economical habit too. If you ever see fresh produce at a ridiculously low price, don’t wait until next week. Buy up big and store it in the freezer. Frozen fruit can also be combined with smaller amounts of liquid to make a delectable ice cream substitute.

Cauliflower Vegetarian Pizza

Cauliflower Vegetarian Pizza

A versatile pizza recipe that can use an array of vegetables as toppers. Some vegetables prefer to be cooked to accentuate the flavours; however, with this recipe, use all the toppings in the oven at the same time. Tuck the spinach in with the other ingredients but if you do prefer it raw, you can add it on top afterwards for a little touch of freshness.

Healthy Heart

10 ways to a healthy heart

Have you ever wondered about your heart and how you’re taking care of it? If you or your family have high cholesterol levels, elevated blood pressure or systemic inflammation, eating a heart-healthy diet is essential for your wellbeing.