Is anxiety ruining your life?

Anxiety – Is it Ruining your life?

Anxiety seems to be a buzz word in almost every home and office these days. Feeling occasionally anxious is a normal response to some events in our life. For some people though it creates such uncomfortable feelings they find it hard to cope. Sometimes to the extent they can’t seem to function for small things like driving on highways, going through tunnels, catching a train. All everyday situations when going to work. Also they begin to have anxiety when in social environments so they start to withdraw from their friends or from other things they would normally do.

It is not enough to ignore these feelings. They will not just go away one day on their own

It is not enough to ignore these feelings. They will not just go away one day on their own.

You may be feeling physical symptoms of anxiety also. It is not just in your thoughts. Your heart beat may be racing, your mind racing so you can’t think clearly, hot flushes, feeling clammy or sweating, tight chest and not being able to breathe properly and even gastric upsets. Emotionally you may be worrying a lot, feeling panicky, afraid, thinking obsessively and feeling tense inside. All these things or even just a few of them means your anxiety is taking over your life.

Did you know there are many natural supplements that can reduce all these feelings? Herbs and supplements in the correct mix can assist you to feel better and under the direction of your natural therapist you can learn some new tools to eliminate these feelings completely. However you must also be prepared to make the changes in your life to move forward and follow their direction. Herbs such as Zizyphus, Siberian Milkwort and Passionflower are just a few that in the proper mix, in the form of a liquid or tablet supplement will be a great start for your program to learn new ways to eliminate your anxiety.

Your part in healing your anxiety is to begin to do things that will assist your lifestyle changes. If you can connect with friends to maintain your social network, an exercise routine will lift your mood – especially in nature, make sure you eat well and avoid junk and refined foods as well as sugar, avoid stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol, go to a meditation or mindfulness class, yoga, tai chi or pilates. All these things in the right combination will help you overcome your anxiety one step at a time. However tackling this on your own can be daunting when you experience anxiety and that’s why you need a therapist to gently push you along with new ways to overcome the anxiety.

Remember you did not become anxious overnight. It took time

Remember you did not become anxious overnight. It took time. So you can’t in all fairness expect a magic formula to get rid of it in one week, or even realistically one month. You need to continue to address your anxiety issues until the remedies and therapy starts to have an impact.

It is natural for everyone to experience some anxiety about certain things and sometimes to even worry about issues that bother us. It is only when it stops you enjoying everyday things, affects your work, your relationships, and causes you to take up addictive behaviours or to withdraw that it needs for you to take it in hand and develop new tools to address the issue. Seek out a natural therapist you can trust to discuss how you feel, follow what they suggest and soon you will be back in action doing the things you love.

Jenetta Haim

Jenetta Haim

Jenetta Haim runs Stressfree Management at 36 Gipps Road, Greystanes, and specialises in assisting your health and lifestyle in all areas by developing programs on either a corporate or personal level to suit your needs. Jenetta has just published a book called Stress-Free Health Management, A Natural Solution for Your Health available from your favourite bookstore or online. For more information and to get in touch, visit her website at Stressfree Management.

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