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Stress is not good for the complexion. It releases a cascade of pro-inflammatory chemicals into the body, depletes moisture in the skin, breaks down collagen and can trigger pigmentation, outbreaks, eczema and psoriasis. It can even sabotage facial expression.

Meditation Guru, Gary Gorrow, says longitudinal studies show that the human face distorts over time by virtue of the changes that take place in the individual’s mind. Experiences and how you interpret them, says Gary, influence the way the face presents itself or is shaped as we age. Constant stress can create a turned-down mouth, a furrowed brow and lacklustre eyes.

Medical research estimates as much as 90 per cent of all health problems are caused or aggravated by stress. The antidote? The time-honoured practice of vedic meditation, says Gary, is the anti-stress medicine that, once learnt, lasts a lifetime. “The unique state of rest that is achieved during meditation actually eliminates stress physiologically. It also allows the body’s natural healing mechanisms to function fully and in doing so promotes a state of balance and health.”

Studies show people who study vedic meditation technique have less stress, improved health, broader awareness, more energy, better sleep and less tension in their lives. Research also shows they have lower medical costs and fewer visits to the doctor. Gary says, “When you rest deeply, you can throw off stress and fatigue and come back to a state of balance. The benefits are immediate and significant.”

In a study published by The Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine, sufferers of psoriasis practising meditation found their condition cleared up four times faster than among the non-meditators. The study also found that meditation boosted both brain and immune function.

Vedic meditation is sometimes referred to as transcendental meditation. It’s a simple, natural, effortless procedure practised for 20 minutes in the morning and evening while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed, while focusing on the charming resonance of a mantra.

Gary believes practising vedic meditation daily will make you worry less about the wrinkle that appeared yesterday or at least help put it into perspective. “When we connect with our inner beings and find a sense of calm, we discover a part of ourselves that is beyond age; we see things from a higher perspective, and status, bank accounts, and a few wrinkles aren’t as paramount any more. We move from identification with the ego to becoming identified by our inner spiritual nature. After meditating, the mind is fresher, quieter, more alert and happier.”

Alongside the bounty of health benefits, meditation may make you smarter, too. Published research found that during vedic meditation the brain functioned in an orderly and coherent manner. Orderly brain functioning correlated with rising IQ, increased creativity, improved memory and learning ability, higher moral reasoning and emotional stability. Meditation literally changes the way your brain functions and regular practice sustains it. People find they can achieve more with less effort and that work, recreation and relationships are more rewarding.

And just when you were thinking about spending your money on that expensive miracle cream, think again. Gary says, “Ageing is accelerated by stress, but many side-effects of the ageing process can be stopped and actually reversed with meditation. Researchers have found that people who had practised the vedic meditation technique for more than five years had a biological age 12 years younger than their chronological age.”

The veda is the body of knowledge from ancient India that is the source of yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic medicine and is the basis of Indian philosophy. For more information visit

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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