Holistic health from around the world

Holistic health from around the world

I love a good holistic treatment. I love it even more when it’s exotic, new for me and from another country! Here are some health treatments from around the world you may like to try.

Hawaii — lomi lomi massage
This type of massage is unique because you’re massaged with lots of oil under and on top of your body at the same time. The therapist uses hands, elbows, fingers, feet, knees, forearms and possibly also smooth stones and sticks to massage with long, continuous, wavy strokes, up and down your body.

Lomi lomi boosts the immune system, detoxifies, stimulates the circulatory, respiratory, digestive and lymphatic systems, releases muscle tension, improves muscle tone, increases flexibility, relaxes the mind and body and helps to release old emotional blockages.

Thailand — Thai massage
Thai massage is like “lazy person’s yoga”, as the therapist moves your body through passive stretches and also applies pressure with their hands and feet, while you lie relaxed on a floor mat in loose clothing (no oil is used).

Thai massage uses elements of shiatsu, acupressure and yoga and helps increase flexibility, relieves joint and muscle tension, stimulates internal organs, balances energy in the body and adjusts skeletal structures.

It’s so revered in Thailand that it’s used in many Thai hospitals to treat a variety of illnesses and ailments.
I’ve had five of these and four were uncomfortable and kind of painful, so just tell the therapist to “go easy”!

China — Chi nei tsang

Chi nei tsang means “working the energy of the internal organs” and is a unique abdominal massage that works over the navel and surrounding abdominal areas where tension, stress and negative emotions build up. When this area’s congested, the whole body’s energy becomes stagnant, which weakens internal organs and digestion and decreases energy.

Chi nei tsang uses principles of kung fu and chi goong and helps people deal with emotional issues. Practitioners believe we store unprocessed emotional issues in our digestive systems and that’s a big problem because poor digestive function causes many Health issues.

The massage also restructures and strengthens the body (and immune system, in particular), detoxifies and helps restructure and strengthen the body.

India — Abhyanga
Abhyanga is an ancient Indian/Ayurvedic traditional, daily, self massage said to “dissolve” accumulated stress and toxins in the body. Other benefits include increased circulation (especially to nerve endings) and mental alertness, deeper sleep, detoxification, calming of the nerves, increased energy, lubrication of the joints and softer, smoother skin.

This Ayurvedic massage is best done in the morning before your bath or shower to help rid you of toxins you may have accumulated.

How to do abhyanga

  1. Dip your fingertips into warm oil (most use cured sesame oil) and apply it lightly to your entire body.
  2. Wait 4–5 minutes to let some of the oil be absorbed by your skin. Then massage your entire body, applying even pressure with your hand, palm and fingers.
  3. Apply light pressure on sensitive areas such as the abdomen or the heart area. Use circular motions over rounded areas, such as your head and joints, and straight strokes on straight areas, such as your arms and legs.
  4. When you’re finished, relax for 10–15 minutes (the longer the oil is on, the deeper it penetrates), then follow with a relaxing warm bath or shower.

Turkey — Turkish baths
With a Turkish bath (also known as a hamam) you relax and sweat in a room heated by hot, dry air, then you are taken to a basin by the attendant where you’re scrubbed with a coarse mitt to remove dead layers of skin.

Then you’re soaped down and washed with warm water, massaged, then taken to a cool room to cool down and drink mint tea.

Its benefits are similar to those of the sauna and include detoxification, relaxed muscles, relief from stress, high blood pressure and tension, better circulation, immune system boost, and soft and exfoliated skin.

Beauty secrets
China: Women cleanse their faces with rice water because it contains antioxidants to prevent premature skin ageing. Soak rice for 20 minutes in water then wet a face towel with it and place on your face for 10 minutes, weekly.
Philippines: Women make their hair glossy with aloe vera. Massage fresh aloe vera leaf juice into your scalp and rinse.
Spain: Women place thin potato slices on their eyes for 10 minutes to fade dark circles after a late night.
Scandinavia: Women treat puffy eyes with 15–20 splashes of ice-cold, spring or mineral water.
France: Women apply freshly mashed grapes to their face to make skin softer and younger-looking (grapes contain antioxidants and are moisturising).
Indian: Women massage coconut oil into their hair and scalp once a week to make hair shiny, promote hair growth, strengthen hair and repair split ends.


The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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