Post surgery rehabilitation

If you have undergone any type of surgery on your face, you may be experiencing some undesirable side-effects. Any facial surgery, such as a facelift, is a major surgical procedure that can create a tight artificial effect on the skin. Surgery can also cause post-traumatic stress, which may trigger tension such as stiffness, skin and muscular strain, joint restriction, discomfort and fatigue. Post-surgery rehabilitation is the ultimate holistic approach to restore the harmony and balance in the face, head and neck, to loosen stiffness and tension and enhance the healing and recovery process.

The main objective of holistic rehabilitation is to reduce swelling and congestion, loosen stiffness, accelerate nerve regeneration and improve muscle and skin fitness. Treatment involves various stages employing several techniques such as subtle tactile procedures, therapeutic touch and high-technological bio energy. Therapists introduce energy to the tissue by touch, pressure, vibration and traction. Individual cases may require quite different therapeutic approaches to achieve normalisation depending on stress levels and recovery progress. In general, the first phase of treatment is a gentle muscle and skin recuperation technique used to relieve strain, stiffness and trauma. The next step of the treatment is designed to stimulate microcirculation in the face and head to promote efficient lymphatic drainage to speed recovery. The final stage involves muscle tone and skin revival by the Energy Input technique. This technique uses a variety of light strokes that aim to relax muscular tension, mobilise restricted joints and tone weakened muscles.

Surgical limitations

Some people may not be aware of the inherent limitations of surgical techniques, especially facelifts performed before the age of 40. Over time, the surgery might not hold up changes such as sagging, fatigue, puffiness or thinning of the skin, and broken capillaries may appear. This is because the surgery has not dealt with the underlying causes or problems of facial deterioration and wrinkles.

For those who do undergo surgery, it is essential when recovering to first release any stiffness and discomfort. Always consider the long-term health of the skin. Any tension and imbalances that might occur as a result of surgical procedures need be corrected and the body\’s healing capacity restored, otherwise skin and facial vitality may decline.

Desiree Askin is the founder of Bioform skin products. She is one of the foremost experts in holistic skin and rejuvenation therapy and conducts post-graduate training internationally. Tel: (02) 9569 1203. Email:

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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