anti-ageing in 2011

Anti aging skin care
Anti aging skin care businesses in 2011 will be on the lookout to explore the wealth of proven, cutting edge technology available in the market. There will be urgency to service clients who are forever searching for non invasive anti aging treatments that are tried and tested.

These multiple technologies are now available to spas. Instead of focusing on the treatment of symptoms, spa professionals can now target the core issue – the cause, by layering modalities. Extrinsic modalities were traditionally used in the anti aging fight, however, it is the intrinsic factors that have a real impact on the end results.

Anti aging & intrinsic factors
What are the extrinsic ways of aging?

  • Sun damage, tobacco, alcohol, prescription drugs, lack of exercise, lifestyle and stress.

Unless clients make an overhaul of their lifestyle, there will be limited and unreliable results. This does not bode well for spa professionals – lack of repetitive revenue is a concern.

What is the relationship between anti aging & the intrinsic factors?

  • Thinning of the epidermis, decreased number of sensory neurons in the skin, decreased number of collagen fibers and decreased number of sweat glands.
  • Associated dysfunctions related to these factors include susceptibility to skin infections, diminished ability for wound-healing and decreased thermoregulation.

Spa professionals will now be able to target the epidermis, dermis, muscle and synthesized osteogenesis through the layering of multiple technologies simultaneously. Spa professionals will be able to address anti aging on a cellular level.

Technology and anti aging

  1. Anti aging: LED light therapy – uses 4 specific wavelengths that instantly access your photo receptors. Treats blemishes, pigmentation disorders, redness & inflammation & photoaging.
  2. Anti aging: Microcurrent – this will reshape muscles by lifting and tightening both face and body. Very useful in the anti aging fight. Promotes regeneration of muscle tissue, increases cellular functions, accelerates wound-healing and increases blood and lymphatic flow.
  3. Anti aging: Ultrasound – uses acoustic sound waves to therapeutically induce a thermal effect for maximum transdermal infusion. It offers a powerful cellular massage of three million vibrations per second versus the three vibrations per second of a conventional massage. The effects of this therapeutic modality include deep tissue heating and nonthermal tissue manipulation. The most important factor is the constant heating of the tissues that initiates a wound-healing response, stimulating fibroblasts, which, in turn, help synthesize collagen and elastin. Ultrasound helps restore dermal density, which helps produce tighter skin, and decreased fine lines and wrinkles.
  4. Anti aging: Electroporation – enables the performance of transdermal, needleless mesotherapy. This modality applies advanced electrical currents to speed up collagen regeneration and break down the molecular structure of products for increased product saturation, allowing nutrients to help rebuild the dermal/epidermal junction.

Anti aging results
The anti aging skin care industry needs to deliver dramatic, instant results in 2011. Spa professionals can ensure repeat visits from clients by keeping abreast of the latest cutting edge anti aging technologies being offered in the spa industry. Be smart and invest in these proven anti aging technologies.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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