Healthy Eating whilst Holidaying


I’m just back from holidays. My first business email says welcome back to the rat race – is it?  I then read my horoscope. It forecasts issues at work and direction changes. I gasped! That’s all I need coming back from holidays. Then I realised I was reading the wrong sign and didn’t feel so bad. ‘Poor Virgo,’ I thought. You don’t have to hit the ground running when you come back from holidays. Getting rested and staying rested it what it is all about.

Healthy eating whilst on holidays is quite easy really. Aim for a serve of salad and vegetables and two serves of complete protein a day. Complete protein is comprised of the eight essential amino acids we must obtain from our diet as our bodies are unable to make them. Anything from the animal kingdom such as meat, eggs, cheese and milk or mixing a cereal and a legume such as baked beans on toast, or legumes with nuts is comprised of complete protein.  Add in a few pieces of fruit and the right amount of water and you’re pretty much set. Probably the hardest mineral to get in good quantity whilst away is Calcium, especially if you are lactose intolerance. So I have recommended a few supplements to take with you.

  • Zinc – This Mineral along with B1 and B6 the body needs for healthy stomach acid. Healthy stomach acid will create a healthy stomach membrane which lessens the impact of food on your body and is a preventative for some forms of gastritis. Great mineral to start taking before you travel and whilst you travel. Sunflower seeds and pepitas are high in Zinc.
  • Vitamin C – This will help rid the body of any bugs and if you cut yourself it will aid healthy scar tissue.



  • Calcium – Unless you are holidaying at a dairy farm it’s pretty hard to achieve your recommended daily amount of 1300mg of calcium when travelling. Calcium needed for healthy bone density also rids the body of unwanted fat left over from digestion. And who wants to return to work fatter than when they left – unless you are pregnant of course.

It’s the day before you start work. Some of you will be itching to get back and share your holiday experiences. Others will approach this day with absolute dread. If what you feel is the later then try burning the essential oil of orange, tangerine, grapefruit and clary sage whilst getting ready for work (don’t forget to blow the candle out before you leave). This will have you feeling sociable and lighten your mood. And if you really hate your job that much, consider looking for another.

Don’t work back late on your first day back and in fact try to keep your first week as gentle as possible. Pointless having a holiday if you achieve burnt upon your return.

And the most important thing to do when you return to work is start planning your next holiday. If more of us worked to live rather than live to work imagine the increase of joy.



The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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