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Meet the winners of the EatWell Yummies Awards 2019

2019 eat well yummies awards winners

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This year, the EatWell Yummies Awards received a huge number of votes. After poring over more than 18,000 votes, we couldn’t be more excited to announce the EatWell Yummies Awards winners for 2019. A huge congratulations to you all!

“We are thrilled with the engagement of the EatWell readership community in the voting process and would like to congratulate all the participants and winners of the EatWell Yummies Awards,” says EatWell publisher, Janice Williams. EatWell is the magazine of choice for people who are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, creating delicious food and connecting with fellow foodies.

We commenced the Yummies Awards in 2016 to acknowledge the hard-working, committed people behind the wholefood brands we know and love. We believe it’s important to highlight the dedication, time and effort that go into bringing your favourite brands to life. So, without further ado, here are your EatWell Yummies Awards winners for 2019.



PEARL RIVER BRIDGE: Premium Oyster Flavoured Sauce

Pearl River

“Pearl River Bridge is so excited that our Premium Oyster Sauce has won the Condiments category in the EatWell Yummies Awards 2019! It is very encouraging to win this award. Pearl River Bridge have moved from China to the world as a representative of oriental cuisine in the international market with remarkable quality and an honourable reputation. We have been dedicated to delivering traditional and authentic Chinese condiments to every customer all over the world.”

Pearl River Bridge Premium Oyster Flavoured Sauce is produced with fresh oysters. It has a strong oyster taste, is ideal for stir-frying and stewing and is delicious as a dipping sauce.
For more, visit au.pearlriverbridge.com



SALENA ESTATE: Twisted Sticks Organic Chardonnay


“Yay! We couldn’t be more excited to be the winners of the EatWell Yummies People’s Choice Award for wine! Our Twisted Sticks Organic Chardonnay is 100 per cent certified organic and grown on our own vineyards in Loxton, South Australia.”

Fresh aromas of peach, fig and honeysuckle greet you initially and are integrated with a soft cashew-nut overtone derived from subtle oak handling.
Selena Estate’s Twisted Sticks Organic Chardonnay is a soft, full-flavoured wine with hints of citrus peel and honeydew melon fruitiness. The texture is creamy
and viscous yet has a lovely lemony finish to cleanse the aftertaste. A delicious drop!
For more, visit salenaestate.com.au



THAT’S AMORE CHEESE: Buffalo Mozzarella

Thats Amore

“We are extremely proud to have received our very first EatWell Yummies People’s Choice Award for our buffalo mozzarella, as voted by the public. This award is extra-special to us here at That’s Amore Cheese as it is extremely satisfying and reassuring to know that the public truly does love our products. We are also pleased for the team who work hard every day to ensure that our product is of the highest standard.”

At the core of That’s Amore Cheese lies a fundamental belief in the promotion of good-quality, locally sourced food that is free of preservatives and representative of Italian tradition.
For more, visit thatsamorecheese.com.au



MAYVER’S: Protein + Peanut Butter with Super Seeds


“Here at Mayver’s, we are delighted to win the EatWell Yummies People’s Choice Award again this year! This lovely recognition for our Protein+ Peanut Butter with Super Seeds is dedicated to the amazing work of all our team. A lot of love and quality ingredients go into our products. The award really means a lot to us as we pride ourselves on making delicious, healthy spreads. We’re on a mission to bring back goodness to Australian tables and it all starts with a spoonful of Mayver’s. Thank you for voting!”

From the beginning, Mayver’s has stuck to a very simple philosophy: to source the finest ingredients, use a minimal approach to processing and ensure that every ingredient has integrity and purpose to deliver a healthy product that is naturally better for consumers. Mayver’s is 100 per cent Australian made and family-owned.
For more, visit mayvers.com.au



FESSKO: Double Walled Glass + Bamboo Fressko Flask


“The Fressko team are thrilled to have won the EatWell Yummies People’s Choice Award. Made by Fressko was launched in 2014 with the goal of creating a reusable, versatile and stylish tea flask. After months of research into the market, we created the Original Series glass and bamboo Fressko range.

“We have since gone on to launch a stainless-steel colour range and a reusable coffee cup, but the Original glass and bamboo series (ranging in sizes from 300mL to 500mL) are still one of the company’s best sellers!”
The Fressko Double Walled Glass + Bamboo Fressko Flask comes with a two-in-one infuser, which means it’s perfect for not just tea but also fruit infusions and smoothies.
For more, visit madebyfressko.com



PANA ORGANIC: Chocolate Mint


“We are absolutely humbled and happy for Pana Organic to win this amazing award! It’s fantastic to see organic and dairy-free products making some great inroads to consumers and receiving the support. Mint, being one of the original chocolates, was part of the initial launch and still remains up there as one of our best sellers and one of my personal favourites. Thank you to the amazing team here at Pana Organic. Thank you to all the readers who voted and shared the love! We are bursting to reveal our ever-growing range so get ready to be wowed!”

Pana Organic Chocolate is silky smooth and deeply indulgent. Each rich portion is lovingly handcrafted in Melbourne with ethical certified organic ingredients. Pana is free from preservatives, refined sugar, gluten and dairy.
For more, visit pana-organic.com



VITASOY: Almond Milk Unsweetened


“At Vitasoy, we were absolutely thrilled to find out that our Unsweetened Almond Milk was the winner of the EatWell Yummies People’s Choice Award 2019 in the beverage category. We believe that our products are fantastic, so it’s extremely gratifying to see that our consumers feel the same way!

“We at Vitasoy are very proud of our support for Australian farmers and our unsweetened almond milk is made from only Australian-grown whole almonds. It also has 98 per cent less sugar and 60 per cent less calories than reduced-fat dairy milk. Better still, when enjoyed as part of a balanced diet, our Vitasoy Almond Milk Unsweetened is brimming with the goodness of calcium for strong bones and is a natural source of vitamin E. It’s naturally free from dairy, lactose, gluten, soy and cholesterol. Plus, there’s no added sugar, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.”

With a range including soy, almond, coconut, rice and oat, Vitasoy has been offering healthy and nutritious milk alternatives since the company began almost 80 years ago.
For more, visit soy.com.au



CABOT HEALTH: Magnesium Complete Tablets


“It is such an honour to be chosen by consumers for the EatWell Yummies People’s Choice Awards as the best supplement. We are thrilled to see that Australians understand the importance of choosing Australian-made supplements.

“Here at Cabot Health, we have found that magnesium can really work wonders for your energy, muscles and nerves, especially if you take a magnesium formula that is well balanced and well absorbed. Magnesium has to get inside of your cells to work properly and that’s why Cabot Health designed Magnesium Complete tablets. We were the first company to design such a clever magnesium supplement with four highly bioavailable types of magnesium in the one tablet.”

Cabot Health is an Australian-owned company and manufactures its health and wellness products in Australia. Cabot Health’s free health advisory service was established in 1982 and offers books, websites, emails and a direct phone line, and has helped many Australians experience true health.
For more, visit cabothealth.com.au



CERES ORGANICS: Organic Seaweed Snack Mild Chilli


“We are very humbled that our Chilli Seaweed won the EatWell Yummies People’s Choice Awards in the Lunchbox & Snacks category. This product is very popular and the best seaweed you’ll find on the shelves. It’s always fantastic news to hear that consumers love our products — a comment on Instagram or an award gives us a boost to keep up the good work. Ceres Organics are delighted to share a snack that’s a winner of the people and the planet.”

Ceres Organics seaweed snacks are grown in the crystal-clear waters off the coast of South Korea. It’s high grade and certified organic by the USDA. The importance of organic seaweed is as critical (if not more so) as certified organic land vegetables. Seaweed absorbs essential minerals like a sponge, which is why it’s regarded as a superfood. But depending on where it’s grown, it may also soak up environmental toxins and heavy metals. This seaweed is harvested from protected coastal areas away from heavy shipping channels and contamination zones. Unlike traditional crops, seaweed requires no fresh water, fertiliser or deforestation. It’s one of the fastest-growing crops in the world.
For more, visit ceresorganics.com.au