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Revamp your health and wellbeing with a new daily ritual

What does your day-to-day routine look like? Whether you sip an herbal tea while journaling in the afternoon, or set aside thirty minutes every morning to meditate, your daily rituals make a big difference in who you are as a person.

Committing to a daily ritual can help support your mental health, reduce stress, and increase productivity. But if you’re starting to feel routine fatigue, it might be time to pick up a new habit.

Need some inspiration? Kickstart your day by taking a supplement if your dietary intake is inadequate. Slowly pour a cool glass of water, set an intention for the day, take some nutrients.

Nutrient powerhouse magnesium can be a great place to start your supplement journey. Magnesium is important for our overall health and supplements can be designed to help address a range of issues like stress and energy.

Here, we speak with natural medicine provider Ethical Nutrients, about the benefits of introducing magnesium supplements into your daily routine.

Energy support and stress reducer

If you feel like you’re lacking energy, the magnesium levels in your body might be the issue. Magnesium is required for the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the body’s main source of energy.

Luckily, magnesium supplements like the Mega Magnesium and Mega Magnesium Energy & Stress by Australian provider Ethical Nutrients can assist with energy levels to help get you back up on your feet.

Magnesium is also involved in sending nerve signals, which are essential for muscle contraction, and offers help to support our stress responses, Ethical Nutrients Mega Magnesium and Mega Magnesium Energy & Stress combines premium ingredients to support stress and energy levels — making them a wonderful addition to your morning rituals.

Sleep aid

There’s no denying the importance of sleep. While we’re snoozing, crucial functions take place to support brain development, body metabolism, physical repair, improved memory… the list goes on. So, there’s nothing worse than lying in bed awake, struggling to drift into a deep and restorative sleep.

Ethical Nutrients’ Mega Magnesium Night combines magnesium with the herb passionflower, which helps to promote sleep by relaxing tense tight muscles and calms the mind as traditionally used in Western herbal medicine in preparation for a good night’s sleep.

Add this delicious mango passion powder (which you can drink in warm or cold water) to your bedtime routine to create healthier sleeping patterns.

The Ethical Nutrients Magnesium Range

Ethical Nutrients is made unique, as each high-absorption magnesium product is meticulously crafted, combining only quality ingredients to address multiple health benefits, and that’s why they’re Australia’s number 1 magnesium brand1.

Check out the range Ethical Nutrients Mega Magnesium for more information.

1IQVIA™, Total Magnesium Pharmacy sales, MAT 2023/04/22. Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

Kayla Wratten

Kayla Wratten

Kayla Wratten is a Brisbane-based journalist. When her head isn’t stuck in a good book, you’ll find her on the yoga mat, in a dance class or writing inspiring stories. Find her on Instagram at @kaylawratten.

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