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6 ways to find the perfect yoga teacher training for you

Do you want to be a yoga teacher? The Yoga House share six tips for choosing the right yoga teacher training course for you.

Teacher vs instructor

The first thing you need to do is make sure that a course will train you to be a yoga teacher, not just a yoga instructor. There is a lot more to teaching yoga than getting up in front of a group showing how great you are at yoga. Yoga teaching involves everything learned on or off the mat to help you connect with others, showing them a way to feel better, more relaxed and balanced.

The right training

Make sure the training organisation understands you and your needs. Look for a course that is vocation-based, as these programs consider your unique learning style with assessments and learning programs adjusted accordingly. Not many of us enjoy education-based exams, remembering the dreaded nights cramming under the influence of too much coffee or the sleep deprivation from an all-night study session. If this style of course is as unappealing to you as it is to so many others, seek out recognised vocational training instead.

Vocational training is all about getting you job-ready. A well-rounded course should offer more than simply the knowledge side of yoga. Every yoga teacher will have a tale to tell on how hard it was when they first started teaching. Enrolling in a course that includes the practical teaching aspects makes a whole lot of sense, even if the course costs that little bit more. Find more information on this style of learning and accredited courses here.


Whether you are starting a new career, looking for a course to help pay your way through uni or a more child-friendly career as a working mum, you want to ensure the course gives you flexibility in how your training is delivered. Talk to the course advisors and make sure you understand the level of commitment required and what would happen if you could not make a few lessons, say for a holiday or when the family are all sick. Most training organisations offer online support and the best of these providers include ongoing mentoring with the course so that you know you will always get the information and support needed to complete your studies.

More than just the yoga

Clients don’t magically appear on a mat ready for you to teach. To make a real go of your new career, make sure your course includes elements of business training including marketing, self-promotion and business administration.

As a yoga teacher, you will be dealing with the human body, so you need to know how it works. Doctors are now recognising yoga, especially certain styles of yoga therapy, as a powerful healing tool and health maintenance pathway. Studying the human body systems to understand the common health conditions is a great way to keep yourself and your clients healthy. Look for a course that will teach you how to establish a client’s needs and provide the knowledge and skills you need to adjust class content to suit every client and teach yoga safely in any situation.

Strong career paths

There has been a strongly increased demand for remedial yoga teachers in the complementary health sector over the past 10 years*. Make sure your course is up to date with market trends and changes in the industry.

Choose a yoga style that is more than a simple sequence of moves or the latest fad. Look for diversity in therapeutic yoga styles that will help your future earning potential and career advancement. Many courses include the study and practical application of Oriental diagnosis, class content/writing, advanced teaching methods, qi meridians, and communication and counselling skills. A course that has the right comprehensive training programs from a reputable college can often be credited (advanced standing) when applying for complementary- and healthcare-based university degrees.

Beware what seems too good to be true

Many courses offer a quick path to becoming a yoga teacher. They seem like an affordable option in relation to cost and time. However, most of these courses (under 12 months) don’t give you the knowledge and skills you need to become a safe and successful yoga teacher. They may save you a few dollars up front but end up costing more of your time and money when it comes to making a living from your beloved yoga.

Look for courses from established, reputable and registered colleges. Ask to meet the teaching staff and don’t be afraid to inquire about their qualifications. Talk to other students and course graduates about their experiences and careers.

Use this guide and take the time to find your perfect yoga teacher training course so you can enjoy the journey and have some fun.

* Source: ABS Labour Force Survey, Department of Employment trend to November 2013 and Department of Employment projections to 2018.

About The Yoga House

The Yoga House is a Registered Training Organisation in Gladesville, Sydney, specialising in training remedial yoga teachers/therapists. Their two accredited Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) courses teach students how to combine the physical aspects of yoga with a medical understanding of the human body. Face-to-face training is delivered at the college and selected regional locations.

The Yoga House also has an established yoga studio, which opened in 2000. This provides Remedial Teacher Training students the opportunity to experience and learn firsthand the dynamics of being a yoga teacher and small business owner, with the opportunity to gain teaching the public as part of the course requirements.

All training is delivered and supervised by The Yoga House business owners, who are senior-level teachers with Yoga Australia and ERYT1500 Gold designated teachers with Yoga Alliance.

For more information, contact The Yoga House on +61 2 9817 0078 or apply online here.

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The WellBeing Team

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6 ways to find the perfect yoga teacher training for you

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