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How Nutraceutical Companies Are Bridging the Gaps in Our Diets

Looking for a simple, sustainable way to balance your diet? Bridging nutritional gaps is easy with the help of Activated Nutrients.

Please tell us about Activated Nutrients.

Activated Nutrients is a range of nutraceutical products formulated completely from certified organic plant-based wholefoods. Activated Nutrients’ products offer a simple solution for those needing to bridge the nutritional gaps that exist between what they consume day-to-day and a balanced nutrient-dense diet.

Our all-in-one multivitamin superfood blends, including Top Up for Men, Top Up for Women, Top Up for 50+ and Grow Up for Kids, provide significant levels of wholefood-derived vitamins with pre- and pro-biotics to support overall vitality. They were the first products of their kind to deliver a wide range of nutrients at significant levels just from plants without any added synthetic vitamins.

What is the story of your brand?

Our founder, Blair, had been diagnosed with a number of serious health concerns that modern medicine had no answer for. As the son of a food chemist, Blair set out to research and develop a plant-based alternative to both pharmaceutical drugs and synthetic supplements in an effort to reduce his symptoms and improve his quality of life.

Activated Nutrients was born to solve this problem and has since been able to support many Australians and people abroad to bridge their nutritional gaps with great success.

What has been the highlight of your brand story to date?

The love and positive feedback we get from our loyal customers about how the products have improved their overall health and wellbeing has to be the highlight. Our products have really helped people to achieve the benefits of a nutrient-rich plant-based diet, while also being able to enjoy everyday life. We’re really proud of helping people strike that balance.

What has been the most challenging part of the journey?

The traditional retail environment is a tough market to crack. We often found that the biggest brands would win out over quality, including our high-quality and science-backed products. Finding the right channel for our products was critical for us, as it wasn’t until we achieved this that we found our place. Along the way, we’ve garnered the support of many healthcare practitioners who advocate for the benefits of our 100 per cent plant-based and certified organic products and this has really helped us to grow.

Why is being certified organic so important to your brand?

We believe being certified organic is the minimum we can do to support the need for a true high-quality product that can benefit people’s health. Creating a nutrient-dense plant-based product that is also free from harmful pesticides and other chemicals is really important as they already find their way into far too many fruits and vegetables in the supermarket. Organic is the benchmark and a great place to start to show that we care about what we make and are committed to creating a healthier world around us.

Where can we buy your product?

You can shop our range at community pharmacies, private healthcare practitioners, health food stores and online.


For more information, visit

Ph: 03 9017 5800

WellBeing Team

WellBeing Team

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