Medical Astrology And Natural Health

Medical astrology and natural health to enhance your wellbeing

Discover food and lifestyle tips to enhance your wellbeing according to your astrology.

Medical astrology is an ancient system that associates various body parts, human physiology and illnesses as being under the influence of the 12 astrological signs and the planets. It is referenced in ancient texts as far back as Babylon, Egypt, India and ancient Greece, as well as in early American folklore medicine.

Medical astrology is a great tool for exploring your predispositions to health and illness. The use of herbal medicines, flower essences, foods and nutrients can all be applied using the rulerships and associations in medical astrology. This gives you added insight into which treatments or foods may be helpful, depending on your astrological blueprint.

The natal chart is a unique map, guiding you to understand your inherent nature and how to best support it on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Even if you do not know your entire natal chart, this system can still be used to give insight into your health and wellbeing.

The accompanying table has been created to give you an overview of the basics in medical astrology. You may discover tips on how to support yourself with a few natural remedies and foods. This is by no means an exhaustive list; it is just an introduction to the ideas and principles of medical astrology.

Your moon and ascendant have great influence over your physical body and your emotions.

When using the table, it is not about taking everything listed for each sign. These are general suggestions for you to take into consideration. The food associations will be the safest place to start and can be added to your diet.

As you read through your sun sign explanation, remember that you will not experience all the ailments and illnesses that are listed. Medical astrology is not designed to scare you, it is there for your knowledge on which body parts and systems may need a bit more attention, love and care. If you don’t see any connections to your health through your sun sign, read for your moon sign and your ascendant sign. Your moon and ascendant have great influence over your physical body and your emotions, so it may be that these show the areas that you could spend some time nourishing as well.

None of this information should ever replace proper medical diagnosis and treatment. The accompanying table and information are for educational purposes only and are simply suggestions to increase health and wellbeing on a daily basis. They are not a replacement for medical care and if in doubt please seek medical assistance.






Hot & dry

Head, face, brain, blood (energy) Adrenals, muscular system

Potassium phosphate


B complex, B5, B6, C, iron, magnesium, omega 3  IMPATIENS, agrimony, vine, oak, heather, larch Ginseng, green tea, liquorice, yarrow, nettle, verbena Celery, tomato, leek, lemon, dates, apples spinach, beetroot, walnuts, cauliflower, cabbage, avoid stimulants 





Cold & dry

Neck, throat, tonsil, cervical vertebra, thyroid Thyroid, metabolic system 

Sodium sulphate


Iodine, E, chromium,
B complex
GENTIAN, holly, oak, elm, star of Bethlehem, walnut, chicory, chestnut bud Liquorice, valerian, dandelion, sage, turmeric, withania  Celery, apple, beans lettuce, strawberries, seaweed, berries, pomegranate, avoid sugar & fats





Hot & moist

Shoulders, arms, hands, lungs, nerves Respiratory, central  nervous system

Potassium chloride


B complex, B1, omega 3, E, magnesium, calcium CERATO, impatiens, clematis, mustard, white chestnut, hornbeam, mimulus   Vervain, nettle, lemon balm, liquorice, Echinacea, valerian Lettuce, pineapple, apricot, peach, sprouts, nuts, seeds, beans, figs, leafy greens, root vegetables, eggs, Aries foods





Cold & moist

Breasts, stomach, uterus, digestion Salivary glands, digestive system 

Calcium fluoride


calcium, K, B complex, digestive enzymes CLEMATIS, chicory, walnut, aspen, red chestnut, honeysuckle, holly, larch  Peppermint, chamomile, raspberry leaves, lemon balm, dandelion  Eggs, prunes, rye, salads, leeks, raisins, dairy, citrus, onions, grapes, cabbage, shellfish





Hot & dry

Spine, thoracic vertebra, heart & marrow Spleen, cardiovascular system 

Magnesium phosphate


Magnesium, A, D, calcium, taurine, B complex VERVAIN, vine, oak, olive, mimulus, elm, gentian, agrimony Motherwort, chamomile, hawthorn, dandelion, lime blossom, valerian Plum, bran, oats, nuts, cocoa, cabbage, citrus, peas, green leafy veg, eggs, coconut 





Cold & dry

Abdomen, small intestines, solar plexus, nerves Pancreas, small intestines/digestive system 

Potassium sulphate


B complex, Omega 3, E, magnesium, digestive enzymes CENTAURY, beech, vine, crab apple, pine, vervain, agrimony, rock water Vervain, melissa, dandelion, peppermint, ginger, chamomile, meadowsweet  Celery, figs, olives, sprouts, soy, chicory, beetroot, lemon, apple, fennel, bitter greens, dates, nuts, seeds 





Hot & moist

Small of back, kidneys, ureters, bladder, ovaries Thyroid, urinary system (kidneys) 

Sodium phosphate


Iodine, E, Zinc, B 3,5 & 6, chromium SCLERANTHUS, cerato, red & white chestnut, agrimony, sweet chestnut Corn silk, ginseng, rosehips, poke root, liquorice, cranberry, calendula Water, celery, apple, spinach, radish, corn, beans, berries, almonds, strawberry, raisins, Taurus foods





Cold & moist

Large intestines, bladder, sweat glands, genitals,  Reproductive, elimination systems /large intestines  

Calcium sulphate


Zinc, E, EFA’s, Antioxidants, B’s, Selenium CHICORY, vine, holly, rock water, willow, red chestnut, water violet, cherry plum Ginseng, cranberry, valerian, calendula, nettle, passionflower, withania Avoid anything in XS, cherries, citrus, fibre, cabbage, prunes, green leafy veg, broccoli, cancer foods, pomegranate 





Hot & dry

Bum, thighs, hips, sciatic nerve, locomotion, sciatic nerve , coordination Liver, neuromuscular system 



Mg, zinc, C,
B complex, chromium, bioflavonoids
AGRIMONY, vervain, wild oat, impatiens, oak, centaury, clematis, elm, walnut  Dandelion, horsetail, nettle, calendula, lemon balm, sage  Oats, asparagus, figs, cucumber, raisins, carrots, apples, leeks, cabbage, onion, prune, cherries 





Cold & dry

Skin, skeleton, knees, joints, teeth, ligaments, hair, nails Parathyroid, gall bladder, skin & skeletal systems

Calcium phosphate


Calcium, magnesium, A, D, C, zinc, B3, bioflavonoids MIMULUS, vine, vervain, gentian, gorse, elm, wild oat, mustard, rock water, willow, wild rose Chamomile, elder, hypericum, ginger, lemon balm, yarrow Eggs, spinach, prunes, cabbage, coconut, asparagus, strawberries, berries, citrus, cancer diet 





Hot & moist

Ankles, calves, nerve impulses, venous circulation Parathyroid, circulatory & electrical systems of the body 

Sodium chloride


Omega 3, E, magnesium, C, bioflavonoids, B9, B12 WATER VIOLET, olive, clematis, red chestnut, wild rose, elm, vervain star of Bethlehem Rose hips, Passionflower, vervain, valerian, sage, yarrow, lavender, nettle Celery, apples, spinach, lentils, figs, almonds berries, coconut, oily fish, eggs, Taurus foods





Cold & moist

Feet, toes, body fluids, immune, lymph Pineal gland, lymphatic/immune system 

Iron phosphate


C, A, zinc, antioxidants,
B complex, iron 
ROCK ROSE, pine, holly, willow, gentian, aspen, centaury, clematis Echinacea, sage, yarrow, nettle, rosehips, elder, ginger, dandelion  Fruit, spinach, protein foods, almonds, beans, dates, leafy greens, nuts, root veggies, oats, chia seeds 

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The table is read from left to right and is designed for easy to remember rulerships and suggestions. The following paragraphs are short descriptions of each section so that you have a better understanding of why they are included.

The planets and your body

Each planet along with the zodiac sign it rules will oversee many body parts and functions. The word listed below the planet is its main action on an energetic level in medical astrology.

Mars creates inflammation, which can be described as heat, redness, swelling and pain.

Mars creates inflammation, which can be described as heat, redness, swelling and pain. This is not to say Mars will cause all of these issues, but where Mars resides he can tend to heat things up, be it by temperature, intensity or speed.

Venus is lymphatic, which in this case means a sluggish and relaxed nature. She is the goddess of love and beauty and would much prefer to be sitting on a couch drinking wine and listing to music rather than exercising.

Mercury is referred to as the neural planet. Mercury overseas the brain and nervous system and the communication channels of the body.

The Moon oversees the upper digestive processes and is nutritive in nature. Think nourishing through the foods you eat as well as emotional support.

The Sun is where your vitality and energy comes from. In traditional Naturopathic philosophy this is known as your vital force and is similar to your personal battery.

Pluto is transformative in nature. It creates change, detoxification and intensity where it resides.

Venus is lymphatic, which in this case means a sluggish and relaxed nature.

Jupiter is a benefic planet, bringing good luck and growth. In medical terms it is considered plethoric (excessive) in nature. This can be growth in height, the building of muscle, or your waistline expanding due to overeating and drinking.

Saturn is cold and restrictive, and is referred to as the chronic planet. Saturn’s ailments can be long lasting as well as inhibiting in nature.

Uranus is electric and erratic. It is the planet of spasmodic energy, be it muscle cramps or intermittent health issues.

Neptune is comatic, which refers to more of a dream or drug induced state rather than actual coma. Neptune creates an energy of altered awareness or a situation that can be hard to understand.

The four elements and qualities

Just as Ayurveda and Chinese medicine use the elements, so too does western medical astrology. The 12 signs are grouped into one of the four elements. Each element will have a different energetic makeup. For example, a fire sign will tend to experience issues that are hot and drying, like fever or inflammation. Your overall elemental makeup can be very different depending on your whole natal chart. You are not just your sun sign and can have more health issues connected to your moon or rising sign.

Fire | hot and dry
Earth | cold and dry
Air | warm and moist (can lead to dryness)
Water | cold and wet

Body parts, glands and systems

The next two sections of the table are simple lists of the ruling areas of the body or its physiology. This is not an exhaustive list but is a guide to the major rulerships. Some body parts, glands or systems will be listed next to more than one sign as the body and its organs have more than one function, which is then spread out between multiple signs. These lists do not mean you will absolutely have something wrong with these systems, but it is a good idea to pay attention to such areas and support them through diet and lifestyle choices.

Cell salts and the twelve healers

Cell salts, also referred to as tissue salts, are a form of treatment pioneered by Dr Schuessler in the late 1800s. A doctor of medicine, a physiological chemist and physicist, he believed that a proper balance of the 12 mineral salts were vital for normal cell function and maintenance of health. Schuessler believed that by giving these mineral salts through a homoeopathic micro dosage they could easily be assimilated into the blood stream and cells of the body.

At some point in time these 12 minerals were assigned rulership by the zodiac signs. It is quite astounding how well these salts fit in assisting the signs they were given to. For example, Leo’s ruling mineral is magnesium phosphate, which is a vital mineral for the working of the heart as well as the muscles, both of which have Leo rulership.

The extra table below gives a quick explanation of the key use of each of the cell salts. These again are only guidelines, and are best prescribed by a naturopath, nutritionist or homoeopath that understands the workings of the cell salts. In Australia, the pioneering naturopath Maurice Blackmore took the idea of the cell salts one step further and created what are now known as the Celloids range that many people may be more familiar with. Cell salts and their cousins the Celloids are often given in combinations, not just as a single cell salt. Please see a health practitioner for guidance on taking cell salts. For more information regarding tissue salts you can refer to The Handbook of the Biochemical Tissue Salts by Martin and Pleasance, or The Zodiac & the Salts of Salvation by Inez Perry.

This table gives a short description of both the cell salts and the 12 healers of the Bach flowers that are associated with each sign.


Aries IMPATIENS Impatient, irritable, feelings of guilt and self-doubt POTASSIUM PHOSPHATE (Kali Phos) Exhaustion, irritability, headache and insomnia
Taurus GENTIAN Depression from known cause, pessimism and easily discouraged SODIUM SULPHATE (Nat Sulph) Excessive water accumulation, lymphatic congestion
Gemini CERATO Unsure of self, repeatedly seeks advice from others POTASSIUM CHLORIDE (Kali Mur) White catarrhal conditions, asthma, glandular swellings
Cancer CLEMATIS Dreams of the future, inattention CALCIUM FLOURIDE (Calc Flour) Disorders of connective tissue, varicosity, prolapsed, 
Leo VERVAIN Extreme of mental energy, anxiety and tenseness, inability to relax MAGNESIUM PHOSPHATE (Mag Phos) Cramps and muscular spasms
Virgo CENTAURY Easily influenced and exploited by others POTASSIUM SULPHATE (Kali Sulph) Yellow discharges of the lung, skin or digestive tract, lack of oxygenation in tissues
Libra SCLERANTHUS Indecision and hesitancy, imbalance SODIUM PHOSPHATE (Nat Phos) Poor acid-alkaline balance, arthritis, gout, rheumatism
Scorpio CHICORY Self-indulgent and self-pity, demands attention CALCIUM SULPHATE (Calc Sulph) Ulceration, suppuration, abscesses, yellow or green discharges
Sagittarius AGRIMONY Mental worry and torture but appears cheerful SILICA (Silicea) Poor skin, hair and nails, tendon and ligament problems
Capricorn MIMULUS Fear of known things eg. poverty, lack of success CALCIUM PHOSPHATE (Calc Phos) Problems with bones or teeth, disorders of crystallisation
Aquarius WATER VIOLET Pride and aloofness, desire to be alone SODIUM CHLORIDE (Nat Mur) Cravings or aversions to salt, depression, fluid accumulation
Pisces ROCK ROSE Extreme fear and panic, terror IRON PHOSPHATE (Ferrum Phos) Listless and fatigue, anaemia and low resistance to infection


The vitamin section of the table is not about rulership of each sign, instead this table lists the nutrients that are likely needed by each sign due to their physiological rulerships. This is by no means a suggestion to go out and buy a bunch of supplements but rather to encourage you to look to the foods that have high amounts of these nutrients.

For example, many of the nutrients listed for Pisces are involved in creating a strong immune system, just as the ones listed under Gemini are great for supporting the lungs and the nervous system. Please be aware if you are taking any prescription medications, they can have potential interactions with certain vitamin and mineral supplements. It is best to check with a health professional for clarity on this topic if needed.

Bach flowers and emotional states

Dr Edward Bach, an English physician, bacteriologist and homoeopath, created what are known today as the Bach Flower essences. Around the 1930s he first developed the original essences, known as the 12 healers. He later went on to create a total of 38 flower essences designed to address what he considered to be the seven psychological causes of illness: fear, uncertainty, insufficient interest in the present moment, loneliness, oversensitivity to external influences, despondency and over-care for the welfare of others.

Flower essences are known for their subtle support of the body, mind and emotions and are an invaluable way to assist people in times of stress. The original 12 healers at some point were linked to each of the 12 zodiac signs and are befitting of each zodiac signs habitual emotional tendencies.

In the larger table provided the 12 healers are listed first, then further remedies that can be of assistance for each sign are also included. The table that has the cell salts and the 12 healers also includes a small description of the main 12-healers’ attributes. It is ok for any sign to take any of the Bach flowers when in need, do not limit yourself, it can also be useful to make a mix of your sun, moon and ascendant with their corresponding 12-healer remedy.

Herbal teas and medicines

There are many books on herbal medicine and medical astrology where you can look up what planet or sign rules different plants. These rulerships have been ascribed to the signs by many practitioners over thousands of years and are assigned rulership due to the actions they create in the body or from the natural surroundings of where the herbs are grown.

A great place to start is with Culpeper’s Herbal, written by English physician, herbalist and astrologer Nicholas Culpeper in the 1600s. The herbs listed under each sign in the table provided are given for their usefulness in supporting each sign’s physiological functions and potential need of enhancement.

For example, Aries rules the adrenal glands and they are known for conducting life at full speed on adrenalin as well as stimulants such as coffee. Some of the listed herbs for Aries are specifically to support the functioning of the adrenal glands and to give energy without the use of caffeine. The herbs listed are often given as herbal teas. It is best to consult with a herbalist or naturopath if you are uncertain about taking any herb.

Some herbs can have strong medicinal actions and need to be taken with caution. Liquorice, which is listed under a few of the zodiac signs, is a wonderful digestive tonic, supports the stress response and tastes great, but it can increase blood pressure and thus must be used with care. If you are taking any medication, please check with a practitioner before taking any herbs as there can be contraindications. With that said most of the herbs listed in the table are easy to access and take as a tea infusion. Have fun with some new herbs and flavours and see how it feels to support your sun or moon sign.

Diet and foods

The list of foods in the table provided are general suggestions to enhance and support the health of each sign. Many of the foods are high in the ruling mineral listed under the cell salt and vitamin section to enable you to use food as medicine. You may find that some of the foods are already fast favourites of yours; likely you have been drawn to them instinctively as your body is craving its specific nutrients. Other times you will find there are foods listed that are an absolute no-go for you; this is common too, like a clear love or hate relationship with that food. The lists are generally of the plant kingdom as these are high in the nutrients that were discussed previously.

Animal, dairy and grains can also be a part of a healthy diet, but the list provided was specifically designed to focus on plant foods. Try some of the foods listed that you don’t typically eat and see how you feel. You might find you notice a change for the better, in your digestion and overall energy, by including some of your sign’s foods. It is not to say you can’t eat other foods, these are just suggestions based on the nutrient needs of each sign.

The chart provided is only a guideline and introduction to the world of medical astrology. There are many books available as well as online classes if you are keen to learn more about this ancient form of healing. Please be aware that each person reacts differently to natural medicines. You should always consult a medical practitioner if in any doubt about your health or before taking any medicine, be it natural or pharmaceutical.

Enjoy all the new ideas you have learned, check in with yourself and see if the changes you make or the new things you implement make you feel better. Don’t forget to look up your moon and ascendant as well as your sun sign, and most of all have fun with your newfound knowledge.

Kira Sutherland

Kira Sutherland

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