Your Sun Sign Predictions For 2022

Your Sun Sign Predictions for 2022

Discover the mysteries of your sun sign and how it makes you unique.

While hugely popularised, there is a magic and mystery surrounding our horoscopes and the way we identify with our sun sign, often providing a gateway into deeper astrological and personal inquiry.

As the center of the universe, the Sun is our eternal life force, the bringer of light and warmth. In astrology, the Sun plays a similar role. As one of the most important features of your birth chart, it is the source of infinite wisdom and intelligence. It shows the persona and the personality, all in one.

Your sun demonstrates how you light up life and describes the archetypal ways you are seen by others. This is one of the reasons why many of us can relate to our sun signs or we can easily see the attributes of the signs other people radiate.

Horoscopes have dominated popular culture for almost 100 years. At the height of The Great Depression in 1930, Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister, was born. An astrological piece was published by a British newspaper, penned by RH Naylor, about the birth of the princess in order to lift the spirits of the people.

As astrologers, academics and scholars of ancient languages continue to pour over fragments of archeological findings, the last 30 years have revealed a great deal of astrological knowledge from antiquity. The oldest surviving horoscope to date is over 3,000 years old.

The common narrative associated with sun signs underpins their archetypal qualities. While there are other planets and heavenly bodies astrologers use, as the most powerful star, the Sun is the powerhouse that supercharges all you do.

The 12 signs are divided into two major groups known as elements, which are comprised of fire, earth, air and water. Each element contains three signs. The second division is modalities; cardinal, fixed and mutable. Each modality contains four signs. This means that each of the twelve zodiac signs is a unique blend of one element and one modality.

Even though your sun sign is only one piece of a complex puzzle, so much information can be gleaned from it. A birth chart is a snapshot of the sky at a person’s date, time and location of birth. Even without that extended data, a solar chart can be drawn up. It’s then possible to extract twelve pieces of information about a sun sign from the 12 houses of the horoscope wheel. This combination of factors will depict what you’ll resonate with and associate signs by.

When reading the horoscopes contained in this publication, they are written from the perspective of the current planetary movements of your sun sign or solar chart. As planets traverse the sky, they’ll activate new signs, new houses and different life topics over a specific period. From this perspective, you’ll gain insight into how the moving sky will or won’t influence various areas of your life.

If you know your ascendant sign, it’s recommended you read your horoscope for that sign. The ascending sign is the first sign of your birth chart, setting the template for the signs that align with the houses. If you’re not certain of your birth time, reading the horoscope for the sign you were born under works perfectly, too.

The Modalities

Like the name suggests, the Modalities describe your mode of operation (MO).

Cardinal Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn Impulsive, action – orientated, not great at finishing, love movement and agitation, easily transition from idea to action.
Fixed Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius Stable, enduring, cautious, defensive, security-focused, self-control, slow to react, great at finishing.
Mutable Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces Adaptable, inconsistent, ambivalent, curious, diversified responses, varies between impulsiveness and inertia.

The Elements

The element of your sun sign shows the driving force behind your operation. Some signs need security and protection, while others need inspiration and possibility. What is your basic instinct? 

Fire Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Dynamic, uplifting, daring, inspiring, tendency to dominate.
Air Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Fluid, restless, sociable, communicative, curious, intellectual.
Water Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces Unstable, reactive, emotional, in tune with emotions, security.
Earth Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Practical, methodical, organised, cautious, dependable, conventional.

Sun Signs 

Sun Sign Glyph Ruling Plant Dates Planet Symbolism
Aries A Mars March 21 – April 20 Action, pioneering, initiating
Taurus B Venus April 21 – May 21 Tactile, sensual, practical
Gemini C Mercury May 22 – June 21 Curious, communicative, ideas-driven
Cancer D Moon June 22 – July 23 Nurturing, emotional, protective
Leo E Sun July 24 – August 23 Bold, confident, charming
Virgo F Mercury August 24 – September 23 Strategic, helpful, analytical
Libra G Venus September 24 – October 23 Artistic, social, diplomatic
Scorpio H Mars (modern Pluto) October 24 – November 22 Driven, investigative, determined
Sagittarius I Jupiter November 23 – December 20 Optimistic, adventurous, open-minded
Capricorn J Saturn December 21 – January 20  Mature, responsible, ambitious
Aquarius  K Saturn (modern Uranus) January 21 – February 19 Logical, free-thinking, outsider
Pisces L Jupiter (modern Neptune) February 21 – March 20 Generous, compassionate, kind


Astrologers generally default to 10 planets, including the Sun and Moon. However, the use of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are considered modern planets, which cannot be seen by the naked eye, and don’t hold traditional rulership over the signs, but can be classed as co-rulers.

Your ruling planet can provide added insight into personality dynamics and timing trends. If you’re guiding star is traversing rocky skies, you too may feel that pressure. If you’re ruling planet is expecting calm and supportive weather ahead, you may be the lucky recipient of additional support, luck or benevolence. 

*Due to the Earth’s wobble and your location on the globe, these days may shift by a day. If you’re born on one of the above dates, consult with an astrologer to find out your exact sun sign.

The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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