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So, you want to step into the world of being a ‘NON-SMOKER’? It’s a big statement and you may not be ready to shout it to the world but you’re ready to say it to yourself and this is a great start!

Whatever your reason is for quitting and becoming a NON-SMOKER, is your motivator. Some of us are motivated by pain, meaning its fear of what could happen that leads us to this decision whilst for others, they might be motivated by just knowing they can do it. It doesn’t matter which category you fall into, what matters is knowing which one drives you.

Changing an ingrained habit and becoming a NON-SMOKER is all about restructuring your daily routine. Understanding what the secondary pleasure you get from this habit. Meaning even though you may know a habit isn’t good for you, what are the pleasures you get regardless? For example, having a cigarette can be associated with having time out, a quick walk outside or to deal with a stressful situation. Knowing your secondary pleasures, allows you to prepare for different situations and have your Plans B’s ready to play out.

The role of a skilled hypnotherapist is to find out what your motivator is, your reasons why you desire to be a NON-SMOKER and to know if you’re level of commitment is knocking at your door.  A hypnotherapist will then work with you to create your Plan B scenarios to support any triggers that pop up as you change course to being a NON-SMOKER.

Plan B’s are getting your strategies into play to replace your current secondary pleasures, then attach your new pleasures to your desires of being a NON-SMOKER. Knowing how to handle different situations that you’d usually associate with your old habit sets your mind in a different direction. Your mindset is prepared, ready, locked and loaded with different options to support your new habit of being a NON-SMOKER. Allowing your new secondary gains to cement these new pleasures for you.

Utilising hypnotherapy to become a NON-SMOKER is a game-changer. You still need your own commitment to benefit your cause however being able to drop in your motivator’s, Plan B’s and lock them into the subconscious all in one session does a lot of the groundwork for you. Hypnotherapy gives you the upper hand with the changes you desire. You still have to want the change for it to work, for you to step into being a NON-SMOKER. But by using your own suggestions and reasons while you’re in a hypnotic state, you’re getting a double whammy into the subconscious mind and sets in motion a different course of action. These suggestions work their way into your everyday thinking and actions allowing your commitment to get stronger and stronger.

It’s not about never having a craving again, it’s the pause to stop, to choose in that moment that allows you to make the decision in a calmer state, where you have the option of staying more in your power of control, of your thoughts and actions as you walk through your daily world as a NON-SMOKER.

FYI: NON-SMOKER is in bold capitals all throughout this article for a reason. To embed this suggestion into your psyche and access the power of the subconscious mind!

Simonne Lee

Simonne Lee

For more than 15 years, Simonne Lee has been one of Australia’s most influential holistic life strategists and animal communicators. She is also an international consultant and an expert contributor for a number of publications, both locally and abroad. Simonne has a reputation for helping her clients build simple, practical tools to regain order, control, harmony and happiness. Her pragmatic and unique approach to guiding clients through the chaos of modern-day living, in conjunction with the modalities she uses, helps them navigate the gamut of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of wellbeing. Visit: simonnelee.com

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