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Feeling anxious? Here’s how hypnotherapy can help

hypnotherapy to ease anxiety


Most of us feel anxious at various times throughout our day. Many have become so used to being in a state of anxiety that we accept it as the norm. The only time we start to address it is when it’s tipping over the edge and that edge can open the door to chaos. This is why hypnotherapy can be an invaluable tool.

Many of us live our lives in one of two states:

In the future:

  • Preparing to-do lists
  • Meeting deadlines
  • New opportunities
  • Friends/family/work expectations

In the past:

  • What we should have done
  • What we could have done
  • What we missed out on
  • What we should have known

All of the above are expressed in how we talk to ourselves when we put pressure on ourselves to be a certain way or achieve a certain thing or when we look back at our efforts in disappointment. We work up the nervous system (sympathetic) so that it never really unwinds and it begins affecting our sleep, digestion, memory, focus and more. And, unfortunately, then this becomes an ingrained habit. So much so that we don’t even realise we’re doing it.

There are many ways to make changes to break or change a habit and a really gentle and swift method is hypnotherapy. I work with many clients to address their anxiety and stress with hypnotherapy — it opens the door for significant and immediate results.

Many of us will focus on what we don’t want to do or feel on a regular basis only to create more of it in our lives. With a good hypnotherapist, they’ll gently steer you in the direction of what you do want to feel and what you do want more of in your life. By using your own words as suggestions, it allows the subconscious mind to reset itself in your wanted desires and shift old triggers out of the way. Think of it like a software update or upgrade.

Our subconscious mind is a powerful software program running on autopilot. It’s great when it works and serves us but when a particular program isn’t working anymore, sometimes we just need a tweak...

Our subconscious mind is a powerful software program running on autopilot. It’s great when it works and serves us but when a particular program isn’t working anymore, sometimes we just need a tweak while other times we need a complete overhaul.

Hypnotherapy can reset the mind and alter your habits to support your desires and direction in life; it can be similar to having a holiday, a holiday from your old way of thinking and doing. Let’s not forget our nervous system, either. Hypnotherapy allows the nervous system (parasympathetic) to retune itself into a more balanced partnership.

Changing old beliefs and habits from the subconscious part of our mind brings changes into our conscious world in a subtle manner at first until it dawns on you and you make the observation that change has happened.

Instead of running on adrenalin and cortisol, living in the past or the future, hypnotherapy can open the door to retuning your body, mind and emotions into a more balanced state, all while you sit back and relax.

From the very first session, there are changes and for those bigger changes in life, it usually takes about three sessions.



For more than 15 years, Simonne Lee has been one of Australia’s most influential holistic life strategists and animal communicators. She is also an international consultant and an expert contributor for a number of publications, both locally and abroad. Simonne has a reputation for helping her clients build simple, practical tools to regain order, control, harmony and happiness. Her pragmatic and unique approach to guiding clients through the chaos of modern-day living, in conjunction with the modalities she uses, helps them navigate the gamut of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of wellbeing. Visit: simonnelee.com