Visualise your desires

How to visualise your desires

What do you see when you close your eyes? What do you think about?  What do you feel? I used to think about how miserable I was. How this person and that person did me wrong and it would stir all the negative emotions of anger, resentment and unhappiness inside of me. I was also surprised that these feelings and scenarios were showing up in my life over and over again. Why me? I am a good person. What was I doing wrong to deserve this??

What I didn’t realise is that I was great at visualising and manifesting what I was thinking about. Visualisation is the ability to see images in your mind and, to put it simply, what you see in your mind is basically what you get.

Visualisation is a very powerful tool and if used correctly has the ability to bring life-changing transformations into your life.

‘Visualisation is everything. If you can imagine something you can do it. Nothing happens in reality until it happens in your mind first.’ Jim Carrey

 So how does this work? Well it’s really very easy and a whole lot of fun!

The first and most important bit of advice I can give you is STOP thinking about what you DON’T want and start thinking about what you DO want.  Now to make it just more than mere daydreaming  there is a bit more to it that just closing your eyes and thinking about your desires.

Visualisation is the ability to see images in your mind and, to put it simply, what you see in your mind is basically what you get.

Idealization, which is the first part of visualisation, is where you are ‘planting the seed’, where you are getting clear on what you desire so that you can breathe life into it. This desire must stir deep passion, excitement, love, joy and enthusiasm  within.  It is these powerful energies that are the ‘fuel’ required to energise your visualisation to quickly manifest your desires.  Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between something real and something you have vividly imagined. So once it believes something is true, it does everything it can to make you aware of people, events and circumstances that will make your dream a reality.

So how do you start?

  • Find a quiet place free from distractions.
  • Sit comfortably and close your eyes.
  • Relax your body all the way from head to toes.
  • Relax your mind by clearing your thoughts
  • Take 3 slow deep breathes – inhaling through your nose and exhaling slowly through your mouth
  • See you desire in as much detail as you can. Notice the colours, sounds and smells. Use all your senses to make it as real as possible. FEEL the excitement, abundance, joy and gratitude for your desire. Live it, breathe it, taste it!
  • Say “thank you’ to the Universe for this or something better

(At first, if you can’t ‘see’ the detail make sure you concentrate on the feelings that your desires bring you and keep expanding these. It all comes with practise!)

Repeat this exercise at least twice a day, preferably when you wake up before you get out of bed and before you fall asleep every night.

Start visualising your amazing future today!

Reference:  ‘How to be Wildly Wealthy Fast’      – Sandy Foster

Georgette McHaileh

Georgette McHaileh

Georgette McHaileh is a success coach with a background in science and is passionate about natural health and wellbeing. She offers coaching to people who have lost direction and a sense of themselves. She has helped her clients discover a meaningful and fulfilling life filled with abundance and joy! She is a mum to two beautiful teenagers and the wife to her first and only love.

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