Clutter can affect your mental and emotional health

Clutter can affect your mental and emotional health

Clutter is junk we accumulate in our houses or offices and it is important to declutter and tidy up. Physically it helps our houses look tidier. Mentally and emotionally it also gives us the satisfaction of a clean environment creating space for new experiences in life. If you are uncomfortable with where you are at in your life it’s time to let go, get rid of the clutter and move on.

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Sacred space in your home using Feng Shui

When was the last time you did something creative? Sung a song? Danced? Painted or sketched? All these things help increase your creativity, work on your second and fourth chakra and release good energy to your environment. What is happening inside is a reflection of what is outside of you and vice-versa.

Autoimmune diseases are on the rise

Autoimmune diseases are on the increase. They are caused by numerous factors such as environmental pollutions, neglected lifestyle, genetic factors just to name a few. A healthy lifestyle, reducing inflammation, pain and stress management are some natural ways to handle it.

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Endometriosis — finding solutions naturally

Some women suffer with endometriosis without actually knowing it. Often the pain and symptoms are mistaken as part of premenstrual syndrome, more commonly known as PMS. Symptoms can be varied and treatment either mainstream medically or naturally needs to be under the care of a trained professional.

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Insights from a Naturopath: A focus on Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome)

The Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS) recently interviewed one of our amazing practitioners who is hosting a Natural Medicine Week event in 2019. Check out the Q and A from Gabi Giacomin who provides her naturopathic insights: