Beating the Blues – knowing depression

Most people suffer from depression at some points in their lives. Depression isn’t always the stereotype we hear about, not getting out of your pjs and staying in bed sleeping all day. Mild depression or getting the blues is something suffered by many people who just momentarily find life overwhelming and out of control with them feeling powerless to do anything about it.

Wellness Program for Depression

Having been in practice for many years its easy to take for granted what the alternative health industry has to offer to our clients. I was reminded of this fact when I met a new patient yesterday who came seeking support to address his depression. He came thinking that medication was the only way his […]


Dispelling 7 myths about depression

Depression is a common psychological problem experienced in our society. But there are some beliefs on which the “Depression Industry” is built, that ultimately reason that we have no control over our emotional experiences. Here we try to dispel some common myths about depression.