Strokes and depression: The link

Depression is a mood associated illness that inhibits normal daily activity and often follows a stroke. It has serious repercussions mentally, physically and emotionally and statistics show it affects as many as one in four people. Statistics are even higher for stroke victims due to the changes that can occur in the brain.


Depression and the elderly please speak up!

I recently read an article on depression being rife in our aged care facilities. The article went on to say how medical researchers found that aged care workers working in the facility were unaware as to the extent that it was happening and that even elderly people are coving it up as they are somewhat embarrassed, feel that it is a part of getting older (which psychologically it is not) and did not want to cause a fuss.

Anti-psychotic drugs: side effects or depression?

Many people today suffer from depression and come to the stage where they can’t even get out of bed. It is in a sense wonderful to have something they can take that will give them some semblance of returning to their normal lifestyle but there is a price that they have to pay and not a pleasant one.