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Psoriasis is a metabolic disease meaning it affects the whole body and the body is saturated with toxins. To eliminate toxins they must be expelled by the liver, filtered by the kidneys and leave the body either by the skin, urine or bowel. They can also be reduced by exercising which causes the body to perspire and by breathing deeply in fresh air. In the case of the psoriasis sufferer the body is that toxic that the skin becomes deeply affected and itchy leading to the psoriasis in the long term.


The importance of sleep

A number of sleep studies done all over the world show just how essential sleep is and corroborate the fact that many of us get way too little of it. Latest studies also show that sleeping extra one day does not necessarily make up for the sleep you missed the day before and that even after a short time your health begins to suffer.

Echinacea – The ‘blood purifier’

Echinacea angustifolia has become a popular medicine used by alternative therapists and the general public for ‘strengthening’ the immune system or for conditions related to immune dysfunction such as colds, flu, and susceptibility to infections. In the past it was a medicine known for its use in treating such conditions as typhoid, diphtheria, malignant scarlatina, […]

Antibiotics and dentistry

I am boggled by the statistics of prescribed antibiotics use in Australia. I feel that a lot of it is not the public’s fault, but also the fault of their health professionals, who may find the use of antibiotics as the quickest way to ‘treat’ their patients. I know that this can also be tempting in a dental emergency, where dentists or medical GPs may not be able to accurately diagnose or haven’t got enough time to treat the affected tooth or gums. This article summarises the dangers of antibiotic overuse and misuse and gives some tips on how we can all help protect our community from the ‘superbug’ attacks.