How to change your life in 2013

This year seems be the one for which everyone has been waiting: the year to change your life. Everyone is saying, “This will be my year”, and, “This will be a great year”. Even I will be relocating interstate to Bris-vegas with my family, so it’s a big year for us too. You’ll have noticed that […]


How to take control of your fear

While fear can be a great motivator, if it isn’t managed well it can bring your life to a grinding halt. It’s possible to release yourself from many of your fears and to recognise the ones that can help to push you forward so you can achieve your goals

Change your life through Projection & Reflection

I want to introduce you to a concept that can change your life called projection and reflection. You may have heard of it. It’s a simple technique but it can have a profound effect on changing the elements of yourself that you wish to change and heal past hurts as well. And the great thing is you never outgrow it and it doesn’t cost you a cent.


How to find your perfect partner

Opinions on why the dating game is so difficult are rife, but one thing everybody agrees on is that men and women want the same thing — an authentic partner. Find out how to get beyond the superficial and attract someone who is real and right for you.