Discover our favourite ways to retain a youthful attitude

Growing older is a rite of passage and worthy of celebrating.

Age is a funny thing. As youngsters we’re impatient for those years to fast-forward: to experience that first day at big school, that first job, first kiss, first car or any number of things that will shape who we become. As years pass and we grow older, many of us look longingly back, dwelling on the roads we chose not to take instead of celebrating our achievements.

No matter what your life’s journey so far, be grateful for what you have, and for those who have enriched your life along the way. Growing older is a rite of passage; with it is the gaining of wisdom through experience, the joy that comes with grandchildren, winding back work commitments and embracing the newfound freedoms of retirement.

As you enter your twilight years, the right mindset will help you to look and feel good, stay as healthy as you can and continue to do the things you love.

1. Choose natural fragrances

In the hyper-connected world in which we live today, we often find ourselves dreaming of a long, lazy, beachside vacation while we’re in the midst of a mountain of paperwork and stress. But the harsh bite of reality, be it in the form of financial, work or family commitments, can leave those dreams firmly locked up in the realm of your hump day fantasies. The next time you feel yourself slipping more into human-robot instead of an empowered goddess, take some time to spritz a favourite fragrance. Fragrance has the power to boost your mood instantaneously and is a lot cheaper than most airline tickets. With a fragrance for every mood, IME Natural Perfume is a 100 per cent natural, holistic and bliss-inducing olfactory collection based on the nine muses of Greek mythology that marries together the finest botanical ingredients to uplift, calm, relax and inspire. Be prepared to re-imagine yourself with fragrances that enhance mind, body and soul naturally. The IME Natural Perfumes are toxin-free, cruelty-free and vegan.

2. Never stop learning

At Nature Care College, they are fascinated by stories on how people approach a youthful attitude and zest for life no matter their age. The tale about the iconic film actor, director, producer and talented musician Clint Eastwood charms them. Struck by Eastwood’s relentless energy at any age, musician Toby Keith asked Eastwood, “What keeps you going?” Eastwood replied, “I get up every day and don’t let the old man in.” Keith thought, “I’m writing that,” and the songwriter wrote the song “Don’t let the old man in.” Eastwood is now a sprightly 90 years old!
This tale resonates because how we think, feel and engage with the world affects our overall health and wellbeing. To feel good and stay healthy we should strive to foster a life that nurtures a healthy mind, body and spirit. This reflects the way of living in the researched Blue Zones, regions associated with longevity and vitality.
It is never too late to break out of your normal patterns, enhance your quality of life and improve your emotional wellbeing. Nature Care offers a wide range of short courses and course programs so you can learn how to live your optimal life and help your positive feelings grow. At Nature Care, they love what they do and are more than a little excited about what’s coming up. With everything from medicinal foods, ayurvedic healing and energetic health to positive mental health coaching, and much more there’s something on offer for everyone, including herbalists, nutrition and naturopath courses.
Learn from anywhere at any time and enjoy the ease of watching your classes live in online classrooms or watch recordings at your leisure. Come cultivate your mind with inspiring knowledge and experience the joy of learning something new.

3. Don’t forget to hydrate

We’ve all been told to “drink more water” and we all know that it’s important to stay hydrated. Did you know there are other awesome benefits in sipping plain water?

More energy
Water is the medium for every biochemical reaction in our body. It’s pretty important stuff. It’s used for the transportation of nutrients, for the release of glucose for exercising muscles and for mechanical function (the lubrication of our joints, eyes and mouth). Without an abundance of this important molecule, we can start to feel lethargic and we’re more likely to reach for a coffee or chocolate which actually does the opposite.
Better muscle tone and less joint pain
Water makes up around 76 per cent of our muscle mass and provides flexibility and elasticity to our tissues. Study of dehydrated athletes suggests that these athletes had increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol and a reduced count of their muscle-building hormones. To keep fit it is especially important to stay hydrated to keep excessive amounts of cortisol at bay, and it can facilitate faster recovery and ensure better results from your exercise, stretching and therapy.
Better mood, fewer headaches and improved cognition
Mild to moderate levels of dehydration can make you irritable, cause headaches, reduce your capacity for short-term memory and make you feel less alert. The good news is that by drinking more water it can assist in making you more alert, treat your headache and improve your cognition!
Cheeki’s tips on hydration

  1.  Aim to sip water throughout the day; don’t just drink a litre at once since it will just go right through you.
  2. Keep a drink bottle with you everywhere you go.
  3. To mix it up add some chopped cucumber to your water.


4. Take care of your gums

Gums are the unsung heroes of your mouth, and they have been fighting bacteria and germs since the day you were born. Known as gingiva in the dental world, gums are the protective wrappers that hug your teeth and prevent germs and bacteria from finding their way into the nerves and roots. Treating your gums badly can lead to gum disease, the worst of these being periodontitis, which in extreme cases can lead to tooth loss. Gum disease is not always something you can see; many people walk around day by day not realising that their gums are in trouble, so it is good to have regular dental check-ups to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy.
What is gum disease?
Gum disease begins when plaque, which is basically compressed food particles and saliva, builds up along the gumline. Plaque is full of bacteria and these bacteria begin to attack your gums which causes infections, not only in your gums but also in your bones. Gingivitis is the earliest form of gum disease and is the first indication that something needs to be done … and fast.
Healthy gums
Healthy gums are a product of a healthy mouth, and this comes from keeping up a good oral hygiene routine and regular visits to your dentist. Brush your teeth at least twice a day using a soft-bristle toothbrush; medium or hard-bristle toothbrushes can irritate your gums. Interdental cleaning is a great way to keep plaque at bay and help to prevent gum disease by getting rid of food and plaque from between your teeth. It is recommended that you use an interdental brush at least once a day. Diet is also a key factor when it comes to gum protection. Stay away from high-sugar foods or soft drinks and be mindful that your gums are delicate and a very, very important part of your mouth.

5. Cleanse regularly

Glowing skin, bright eyes, a clear mind and energy can be achieved naturally. An organic cleanse program with Sol Cleanse is the perfect way to get you feeling youthful again.
Glowing skin
“I loved the three-day cleanse. All the juices were easy to drink. It helped with my energy levels and got rid of my bloated feeling. I had multiple comments about my glowing skin and could feel how light and healthy my body was at the end of the cleanse. I would highly recommend Sol Cleanse to anyone wanting to reset their digestive system and healthy eating habits.” ~ Danielle
Digestive reset
“Loved my five-day cleanse! Increased energy and a lovely reset for the digestive system. Juices are yummy and it’s made super-easy with having everything delivered to you plus some lovely little extra touches.” ~ Lynda
Increased energy
“Wow! I just finished the three-day cleanse and what a success it was! I lost 3 kilos and felt amazingly rejuvenated, with so much energy! I will be doing another cleanse again. Thank you, Sol Cleanse, so good!” ~ Bianca
Mental clarity
“Just finished my three days. My mind feels clearer and my skin and eyes are glowing! I lost four kg and that puffy bloated feeling is gone. I have energy and I’m not craving coffee at all. I can’t wait to try the five-day next time.” ~ Kylie
The Sol Cleanse philosophy
has always been to create the highest quality organic cleanses to take people on a journey towards holistic health, using conscious and as sustainable as possible business practices.
Gift yourself a transformational whole-being cleanse to service the deepest parts of you: organic nourishment, daily cleanse meditations, rituals, guided mindfulness activity workbooks and movement.

6. Breathe better

You have been breathing your whole life. You’re even breathing while reading this, so why do you need to know how to breathe better? Because nine out of every 10 people are breathing with dysfunction. You could be one of them. Perhaps you have never heard of breathwork or never thought to consider it, but what if you knew that your breath had the power to transform your psyche and help you tap into a relaxed state with the very next inhale. Would you want to know how? Here are Brady Walker’s top three tips to breathing better when you are feeling anxious and caught up and you are needing your best self to be present.
Nasal breath: Nasal breathing is king or queen, warming the air for the lungs while chemical transactions assist in relaxing and widening smooth muscle tissue in the heart and the blood vessels. Nasal hairs are our filtration system as both nostrils naturally transition between each other allowing for left and right brain function to balance. Breathing through your nose will help slow the breath down.
Belly breathe: The diaphragmatic breath is our natural breath, literally a birthright that we have forgotten our way with. Get that belly moving with each breath for less stress and more holistic health.
Up the exhale: Need to settle yourself? Match that big inhale with an exhale twice as slow. A longer exhale triggers a relaxation response via our vagus nerve that kickstarts a calming influence and induces a focus and clarity within.

7. Take up Yoga

Whether your aim is to be able to touch your toes when you’re 85, to be happier or to seek the meaning of life, Iyengar Yoga offers accessible ways to cultivate a youthful attitude, slow the ageing process and improve health and wellbeing. Yoga helps us learn how to live in the present moment and worry less. And you don’t need to be able to do the asanas like a pro to feel the benefits. Suitable for men and women of all ages, all that’s required is willingness, time to practise and a yoga mat. Highly qualified and trained teachers at The Yoga Nook will introduce you to the practice and build strength and understanding slowly so that everything is within your reach. Yoga can help with stress, sore backs, peace of mind, digestion, hormone balance, flexibility and strength. It also gives us agency over our bodies as we age, with tools and techniques to understand, strengthen and support an ageing body. The Yoga Nook was established in Dulwich Hill, Sydney, in 2002 by Linda Apps. The team provide high-quality small-group classes with physical distancing. The Yoga Nook is registered as a COVID-19 safe business. Private classes also available. The introduction of Zoom classes over the internet means we can now offer our classes more widely. Linda also has yoga classes on YouTube and The Yoga Nook podcast and teaches yoga retreats in Queensland and New South Wales.

Carrol Baker

Carrol Baker

Carrol Baker is an award-winning freelance journalist who is a passionate advocate of natural health and wellness. She writes for lifestyle and healthy-living magazines across Australia and internationally.

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