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A Q&A with Lee Holmes, brand ambassador for The Good Sort

A Q&A with Lee Holmes, brand ambassador for The Good Sort

Credit: Lee Holmes, The Good Sort

We chat to brand ambassador Lee Holmes and discover why The Good Sort is her number one when it comes to natural and delicious nutrition on the go.

What were your reasons for aligning with The Good Sort as brand ambassador?

I’m a firm believer in 100-per-cent natural food ingredients; that’s why I love The Good Sort’s product range of simple, easy-to-digest and nutritious go-to meals and snacks. Being a busy full-time worker and mother I know that many of us are time-poor and work-orientated.

I’ve partnered with The Good Sort because it ticks a lot of the boxes for me; it’s a convenient go-to meal or snack that’s full of key organic vitamins, minerals and ingredients like probiotics and digestive enzymes. Women need these sorts of nutrients on a daily basis to help balance their bodies and keep them feeling energised.

What are some of the natural ingredients used in The Good Sort?

The Good Sort is packed with hand-picked, high-quality ingredients. Each sachet contains 14 organic vitamins and minerals as well as probiotics, prebiotic fibre, digestive enzymes and MCT oil that target specific health benefits for a happy and balanced body. The team at The Good Sort have carefully chosen organic vitamins and minerals from sources that are void of synthetics, fermentation, solvents and excipients.

One of the key ingredients in the dairy range that I love is MCT, a natural oil derived from coconuts that the body burns for energy, rather than being stored as fat. Not only is it easy to digest, MCT reduces sugar cravings and supports your metabolic function for better concentration and mental energy. Although it is only used in the diary range, The Good Sort offers the plant-based range, as well as an MCT oil included in its booster range (coming soon).

How do you include The Good Sort in your daily life?

The Good Sort is now a regular fixture in my daily routine. For breakfast I like the plant-based Naked! flavour blended with an assortment of berries. That’s my go-to most mornings when I have a busy schedule ahead. Some mornings I like to shake it up with a chocolate or cocoa option quickly blended with coconut milk if I’m running out the door.

I’ve also found that a snack-serve (half sachet) of The Good Sort is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up, especially the Coffee! And Vanilla! flavours that keep me full until dinner.

What is your favourite flavour and how have you utilised the Naked! plant-based choice?

The great thing about The Good Sort is that all the flavours are delicious; you can tailor your choice to your dietary requirements without compromising on taste. If I had to pick, my favourite would probably be Naked!. It’s versatile, pairs with anything and also tastes great on its own.

What are some of the health benefits you’ve experienced with these go-to meals?

It is all about balance and The Good Sort gives you exactly that. The importance of good gut health is instrumental to overall good health and energy levels. Your gut can affect your hormones, immune system, emotions and mental capacity and the way that you absorb and digest food. What I love about The Good Sort is that it’s packed with all-natural ingredients to support a healthy digestive system.

What are your three top tips for experiencing optimal health?

As a nutrition coach, I see people every day who are stuck in a rut with their diet or stuck on diet fads without the facts to support them. Once you make the mental shift and decide it’s not about weight loss and actually about optimum health, your body will respond naturally. Wellness isn’t about deprivation or punishment, it’s about self-awareness and power to choose a lifestyle with good foods and exercise that feels right for you.

What’s next for you and The Good Sort?

I’m excited to be working with The Good Sort and for what’s to come. There are some great new additions coming soon to The Good Sort’s range that I’m really looking forward to.


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