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Discover the medicine of the moon

I love to work with the natal Moon. Even if you don’t know your birth time, you can look up your Moon sign in books or websites. If you do have your entire natal chart, you can also consider the house of your Moon. We’ll stick to the Moon sign for this article.

Soul food

Besides the Sun, the Moon is the most visible body in the sky. The Moon is connected to your feelings, your home, security, the Mother, and shows how you get your needs met. The Moon shows what you need to feed and nourish your soul; it describes where you get your “soul food”.

From a medical astrology perspective, key words for the Moon include: receptive, nurturing, enfolding, instinct, intuition, emotion, rhythms and cycles. The Moon rules the fluids of the body, the mucus membranes, the uterus, the breasts and chest region, the stomach and upper digestive function.

Emotions & eating

The Moon is considered feminine, cold, moist and nutritive. She rules daily habits, both good and bad, is liable to fluctuations and moods, and is greatly to blame for your chosen eating patterns along with any emotional links to disease.

The Moon can create havoc with your health and wellbeing on a physical and emotional level. Health is a balancing act; when you feel amazing and healthy, the universe can throw you a curve ball and suddenly it feels the opposite.

Support your Moon

How can you support your Moon so that she can nurture you? I love to explain to clients the importance of making health a daily ritual and of creating supportive habits. Knowing your weaknesses will help you recognise when you are self-sabotaging and going astray.

The little choices you make every day have the most impact on your overall health and longevity. Tips for each of the Moon signs are listed below. If you don’t know your Moon sign, read for your Sun or star sign instead.

This article is in no way intended to replace a medical diagnosis and care must be taken with natural medicine as it, too, can cause issues and interactions with other medications. Please seek medical advice when in doubt.

Aries Moon

You may be childlike, overstimulated, busy and always rushing about. This can deplete your energy reserves and tax your adrenal glands. You might push your body to exhaustion. You’ll need to learn to stop and rest, or there will be nothing left in your tank. You may be a quick eater, or choose fast foods and ready-made meals so you don’t need to slow down to eat. Indigestion, heartburn and bloating can result from these food choices and lack of chewing.

As Aries rules the head region, you may be prone to headaches, fevers and head colds. You can be quite pain sensitive and may experience redness, swelling and inflammation more quickly than other signs. When feeling unwell, you need alone time in quiet surroundings to recuperate. Being fussed over will only cause aggravation and a few sharp words.

Healing strategies

  • Fir diet (see table)
  • Cooling foods; decrease onions, garlic and spices
  • Swimming, especially in the ocean
  • Really resting, reading and journaling
  • Bach flowers: impatiens, olive and larch
  • Herbal teas: peppermint, nettle, green and liquorice tea

Taurus Moon

You likely have a strong and sturdy constitution with great stamina and endurance when under stress. You might lean towards a more compact body shape, with easy muscle-building capacity. Since Taurus rules the five senses, including taste, you’ll need to monitor any tendency to overindulge in food and drink. This leads to easier weight gain for you than for some other Moon signs.

You may be seldom unwell as this is a strong Moon sign that can easily overcome illnesses that put weaker signs in bed for weeks. The downside to this strength is you may have an uncompromising or stubborn nature, which can make it difficult to change lifestyle and eating habits. Areas of disturbance include bowels, throat and thyroid. When unwell, you need positive people and music to lighten the burden of feeling sick.

Healing strategies

  • Earth diet (see table)
  • Lighter meals, salads, bitter foods and soups
  • Routine and regular habits
  • Exercise and movement (try something with music involved)
  • Temperance with food and alcohol
  • Hot water with lemon slices or apple cider vinegar
  • Bach flowers: gentian, oak, walnut, crab apple
  • Herbal teas: dandelion, chai and digestive teas, chamomile, elderberry and lemon balm

Gemini Moon

You may love to study, learn and search for new information, which can lead to a nervous system that is overtaxed or frazzled. You might be high energy and then experience exhaustion all within a few hours, especially if you don’t take regular time out to replenish your energy stores and nourish your nerves. You might be so busy that you forget to eat or drink on a regular basis; this can lead to dehydration and blood sugar issues.

Learning to check in with your body — and not just using your brilliant mind — will go a long way to supporting your overall health. When unwell you may crave a change of environment, lots of fresh air to support your lungs, and light exercise in natural surrounds to ground and recharge your nerves.

Healing strategies

  • Air diet (see table)
  • Mind- and nerve-building foods such as: seeds and nuts, olive oil and avocado
  • Protein foods that are not dairy, as Gemini Moon can have a tendency for mucus congestion
  • Grounding and outdoor activity
  • Sunshine and salt water
  • Bach flowers: cerato, clematis, mimulus
  • Herbal teas: nettle, lemon balm, skullcap and echinacea

Cancer Moon

You are the nurturer extraordinaire of the zodiac but must remember to “self-care” as well. You may suffer from digestive upsets, emotional eating or worry, which can make digestive upset worse. You may have great imaginative skills but this can lead to worry and anxiety over imagined health issues, even hypochondria if left too long. The chest region is liable to mucus congestion and, if you’re female, there can be period and hormonal issues.

When things are not flowing well emotionally for you, things also tend not to flow well physically. You’ll crave nurturing and mothering from others when unwell, with access to whatever body of water is closest.

Healing strategies

  • Water diet (see table)
  • Nurturing foods like soups and stews
  • Watch the emotional eating and find another outlet not involving food
  • Ocean, bath or other forms of water immersion
  • Company and socialising with nurturing friends
  • Bach flowers: clematis, walnut, honeysuckle
  • Herbal teas: chamomile, peppermint, any digestive tea, lemon verbena

Leo Moon

You may have a strong constitution or rarely get sick, and you can push through stress that would knock others down. This is a great asset for getting things done but can lead to burnout or anxiety and panic attacks.

Leo rules the heart and emotional upsets can trigger feelings of panic and heart palpitations as well as blood pressure issues. You may carry your stress in your upper back (thoracic spine). Regular massages or other types of physical treatments are ideal for you. You may not be an easy patient when unwell — Leo can become prickly — and may need to be left on your own to recuperate. Finding gentle activities and exercise such as yoga or Pilates can be great when trying to discharge any pent-up stress.

Healing strategies

  • Fire diet (see table)
  • Adequate water intake with electrolytes
  • Exercise involving relaxing movement
  • Solitude and journaling your emotions
  • Cooling activities such as swimming
  • Bach flowers: vervain, vine, oak
  • Herbal teas: valerian, motherwort, chamomile

Virgo Moon

Typical Virgo Moon health problems stem from an overtaxed nervous system, which leads to digestive upset. You may be one of the hardest workers but, combine that with perfectionist tendencies, and you can burn out and become exhausted. Blood sugar issues can also occur if you forgo eating to finish work. If any Moon needs to keep regular hours and have a “health routine”, you do! Meals at regular intervals and a proper sleep routine will go a long way to nourishing your health. Watch for food sensitivities as Virgo rules the small intestine, which can lead to issues of IBS and / or constipation.

Healing strategies

  • Earth diet (see table)
  • Food diary with symptoms to uncover food sensitivities
  • Regular routine and sleep
  • Hot water with lemon slices
  • Nature, grounding and walking in the woods
  • Yoga and other gentle forms of exercise
  • Bach flowers: centaury, vine, crab apple
  • Herbal teas: fennel, dandelion, ginger

Libra Moon

With a Libra Moon, you’re all about balance and helping the “other”. This can mean you don’t spend enough time and energy on yourself. Libra Moon rules the urinary system and fluid and hormone balance. Metabolism can be slower and you must be careful to balance food indulgences with good movement and exercise.

When unwell, you may crave company, music and a little movement to get your body back into equilibrium. Remember to give back to yourself rather than always making sure everyone else is happy.

Healing strategies

  • Air diet (see table)
  • Good hydration and an alkaline-style eating
  • Seaweed, salads and bitter greens
  • Walking, yoga and other forms of exercise
  • Music, laughter and fresh air
  • Bach flowers: scleranthus, agrimony, sweet chestnut
  • Herbal teas: nettle, liquorice, green tea and lemon juice in hot water

Scorpio Moon

If you have a Scorpio Moon, you are strong, resilient and deep! You can have amazing recuperative abilities, which is great as the water Moons are more prone to illnesses due to their magnetic nature. Scorpio rules the reproductive system, the bowels and detoxification processes. Holding on to emotional residue can lead to physical ailments. You may be prone to constipation as well as urinary issues.

Getting your Scorpio Moon to sweat via sports, saunas or hot baths can be a great therapy for both physical and emotional congestion. When unwell, no one needs more alone time than you, so ask for silence and seclusion to support healing.

Healing strategies

  • Water diet (see table)
  • Good hydration practices
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables with lots of natural fibre
  • Hot water with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar or aloe vera juice
  • Nothing in excess, especially salty foods
  • Exercise, sweating and water therapies
  • Nature, grounding and reflection time or journaling
  • Bach flowers: chicory, holly, water violet
  • Herbal teas: valerian, dandelion, liquorice or elderberry tea

Sagittarius Moon

With such a gregarious Moon, you can over-extend yourself or run into issues of exhaustion and burnout. Your love of freedom, travel and adventure can also lead to accidents and injuries. Overindulging and not wanting to be “limited” in any way can lead to excess food and drink, which puts stress on the liver and digestive system. Exercise is compulsory for you to stay healthy — just don’t do too much or go too fast as your nerves and adrenals can suffer and will need support.

Healing strategies

  • Fire diet (see table)
  • Rest and relax, try reading a book to keep still
  • Gentle exercise such as yoga and walking in nature
  • Moderation in food and drink
  • Sleep, naps and slowing down
  • Socialising, music and dancing
  • Bach flowers: agrimony, wild oat, impatiens
  • Herbal teas: dandelion, nettle and skullcap

Capricorn Moon

The Capricorn Moon has rulership of the skin and skeleton as well as things of form and structure. You may have a colder constitution with little vital heat, or a tendency to melancholy and feeling down. The good news is you get stronger every year. Often, the Capricorn Moon child that had lots of colds and flus will outgrow this to be a strong and healthy adult. You might hide away when unwell or feeling down. Your best therapy is socialising and using music to move you through any down periods. The digestion is not strong and you may need well-cooked foods and soups to bring warmth and nutrients.

Healing strategies

  • Earth diet
  • Digestive bitters and an alkaline-style diet
  • Laughter is your best medicine, socialising and contact with friends
  • Exercise, walking in nature and the mountains
  • Regular sleep routine
  • Warming and well-cooked foods
  • Temperance with alcohol and fermented foods
  • Bach flowers: mimulus, gentian, mustard and water violet
  • Herbal teas: chamomile, passionflower, skullcap, yarrow, echinacea

Aquarius Moon

You may be unique and ahead of your time. With such a busy brain and imagination, your nervous system can get overtaxed. Aquarius rules the messages sent via the nerves and you might experience heart palpitations, anxiety or insomnia. The heart and circulation can also be affected, as can the ankles and calves, which are prone to cramps and sprains. The ungrounded nature of this Moon means you might forget to take care of your physical body. If so, a daily routine of exercise and meals can help nourish your physical form. When unwell, you need rest, a lack of mental stimulation and nature if you can be convinced to go outside.

Healing strategies

  • Air diet (see table)
  • Adequate hydration and regular meal times
  • Acupuncture and massage
  • Exercise and deep breathing or singing
  • Socialising and dancing or yoga
  • Journaling and creative endeavours
  • Bach flowers: water violet, olive, clematis
  • Herbal teas: lemon balm, chamomile, skullcap

Pisces Moon

You are a sensitive soul with an abundance of creativity and intuition. This can lead to a lack of boundaries and exhaustion as you pick up on everyone else’s energy. Pisces rules both the immune and lymphatic systems, and you may pick up every illness going around. You might try to desensitise yourself with food and drink, especially when emotions and other people’s energy get too much to handle. You might also struggle to notice when you have eaten enough as your lack of boundaries can come into play with your digestive system. The Pisces Moon indicates a colder constitution; lacking vital heat, the circulation to your limbs, especially the feet, can lead to foot issues or a good shoe addiction.

Healing strategies

  • Water diet (see table)
  • Grounding exercises and getting outdoors into nature
  • Adequate hydration and sleep schedule
  • Journaling rather than internalising emotions and creating physical ailments
  • Resting when tired so your sensitive constitution does not become depleted
  • Taking time for self rather than rescuing everyone else
  • Fresh air and sunshine
  • Water therapy, such as baths, swimming and going to the ocean or a lake
  • Bach flowers: rock rose, walnut, gentian and clematis
  • Herbal teas: echinacea, sage, yarrow and rosehip

Moon foods and diet

One of the easiest ways to support your Moon is to look to its elemental nature. These are not hard and fast rules and it is always best to listen to your intuition about food, including the signals your body sends you after eating certain foods. Try keeping a food, fluid, physical and emotional diary for a week. It gives you an enormous amount of information about why you eat, how your body reacts to food and what makes you feel energised or, conversely, which foods make you feel poor, bloated or cranky.

Fire Moon (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) Earth Moon (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) Air Moon (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) Water Moon (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
Foods to nourish the brain and circulation Foods for the liver, digestion and alkalising the body Foods to nourish the nerves, such as fish, nuts and seeds, avocado and olive oil Warm and well-cooked foods: soups and stews
Cooling foods, salads to bring down your “heat” Fresh fruits and vegetables in a cooked form (soups, stews, stir-fry) Whole grains and root vegetables for grounding, soups, stews and slow-cooker meals Fresh fruits and vegetables, root vegetables and small amounts of dried fruits
Plenty of fluids, as you tend to dehydrate Dairy products create cold and congestion Small amount of animal food or fish for protein and grounding Fermented foods and dairy can aggravate and cause congestion
Iron-rich foods: red meats, green leafy vegetables Iodine- and calcium-rich foods: seaweed, seeds and nuts, dark-green vegies Dairy can create too much mucus Poor food choices when stressed or emotional
Walnuts, seeds and nuts, healthy oils: avocado, olive and coconut Fibre from whole grains, fruits and vegetables Fresh vegetables in salads and stir-fries Watch alcohol intake and stimulants
Slowing down and chewing your food Digestive bitters, apple cider vinegar and bitter greens to enhance digestion Foods high in magnesium: dark leafy greens, seeds and nuts Care with overeating and drinking
Herbal teas for circulation, stress, anxiety and exhaustion Teas to support the liver and digestion as well as lift the spirit and mood Teas to support the nervous system and calm the mind Digestive, detoxification and immune-supportive teas
Green and peppermint teas for cooling and brain health Warming fluids with ginger and spices Hot water and ginger or lemon slices Hot water with lemon slices


Kira Sutherland

Kira Sutherland

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