Premedy Children15 50gram


Our premium Children’s Probiotic 15 formulation is a carefully selected combination of 15 strains of naturally sourced probiotics develop to: – Support a healthy digestive system – Maintain healthy levels of beneficial bacteria – Support a healthy immune system – Support normal, healthy bowel movements – Support general health and wellbeing Always read the label. […]

Vegetables in crate

Fibres protects your gut lining

The bacteria in your gut outnumber the cells in your body and they play as big a role in your health as do the cells. Those gut bacteria are part of your immune system acting as a barrier to invaders, assist with digestion and play a role in your mood via their impact on brain […]


Eating fallen food

Life is complex and to get through it without having to think about everything you do along the way, you make up rules. These rules to live by usually make sense, like “look before you cross the road” but sometimes we hold onto rules without any evidence that they are actually valid. That is why […]