Mediterranean Chicken Bake

Mediterranean Chicken Bake

Transport your taste buds to a Greek island with this easy yet delicious tray bake. It’s perfect for small- and large-scale entertaining and easy to prep in advance. Let the chicken marinate for at least two hours for the most succulent, flavourful taste. If you’re low on time, just 15 minutes will be enough.

Level Up Your Mid Week Menu With These 3 Delicious Chicken Recipes

Level up your mid-week menu with these 3 delicious chicken recipes

The Bare Bird chicken products are 100 per cent antibiotic-free, accredited free-range and raised on a plant-based diet containing no animal by-products, antibiotics, hormones or steroids. The Bare Bird creator, John Hazeldene, says his family has always been at the forefront of setting high standards in poultry. “We believe a move to producing food without […]