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Real Life Nutrition

I am quite excited at writing my first blog as I’ve been contemplating one
for some time. So much information to share!

My earliest recollections of food are the attempts that my mother had at trying to get me to eat brussell sprouts..

The lifestyle approach

We now know the underlying cause of metabolic syndrome and diabetes and that they are lifestyle diseases. But we persist in treating them with drugs and giving these people lifestyle advice when it is already progressed after years of damage. The only difference between diabetes and prediabetes is really an arbitrary number. On one side […]

Healthy Eating for Generation Y

Generation Y you face many challenges such as moving away from home, starting work or study. These changes in lifestyle can cause dietary changes that are not always conducive to healthy eating. Binge drinking, recreational drug taking and fast food all take their toll sooner than later. As does going to bed late, texting, on the computer for hours and sleep deprivation.