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Rasasara Skinfood Vata Body Nourishing Oil

An excellent moisturiser containing powerful anti-aging nutrients, (sesamol & Vitamin E) black sesame oil is warming, detoxifying & rich in fatty acids. Applied to the skin this oil promotes repair & regrowth of skin cells – reducing fine lines & resolving dryness. Also renowned for its ability to neutralise vata disorders & therefore clear chronic […]


Rasasara Skinfood Pitta Face Nourishing Oil

Cooling & calming for fair or sensitive skin- apply with hydrating mist to leave the skin feeling soft, cool & dewy. Combine 3-4 drops with 2 sprays hydrating mist to make a daily moisturising serum. Protective, reparative & balancing for all skin types, Ayurvedic nourishing oils made from pure plant essences – essential oils [EOs]; […]


Rasasara Skinfood Pitta Hydrating Mist

Cooling & calming for pitta skin & imbalances: Jasmine essential oil lends further anti inflammatory properties, nurturing & soothing pitta related aggravations such as irritability & frustration. Proper hydration is the key to clear, vibrant skin. Often underused (much like we forget to keep up our daily water intake) hydrating mists are a pH balancing […]

Fluoride-free Preventive Program

Fluoride-free Preventive Program

Dentistry has always strived to be pro-active in preventive medicine. dental wellness has a natural program that does not involve the use of products containing; Fluoride, Triclosan, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Propylene Glycol. The use of optimal nutrition, good oral hygiene and the use of GM free Xylitol products, Coconut oil and a range of […]