ie stress

ie: Stress

Calm the mind and bosy by reducing symptoms of stress such as nervous tension, sleeplessness, headache, mild neuralgia and fatigue with the ie: Stress pure essential oil blend. A soothing combination of Lemon, Peppermint, Lavender and Cypress blended by our experts and backed by science.

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Ziani Beauty: Stress and Anxiety – Natural Remedies to Help

Stress and Anxiety can have a huge impact on your daily life, affecting your want to socialise or exercise, ability to complete everyday tasks and even your sleep. It can feel like slowing everything is getting harder and nothing is going right. It can even be accompanied by physical symptoms of rapid heart beat, shortness […]

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How to alleviate anxiety

In this 24-hour, fast-paced world, “stress” is ever-present and left unchecked it can develop into anxiety. Unfortunately, anxiety has many negative health outcomes, but there are lifestyle, diet, herb and nutritional options to nip anxiety in the bud.


Meditation or vacation for stress?

It makes sense that having a holiday from work and your daily grind can reduce your stress levels. When it comes to a vacation though, do you add some meditation in to your vacation? This is worth pondering because both vacations without meditation and meditation vacations can alter your stress levels at a genetic level […]