Your guide to iodine

Iodine plays a significant role in contributing to the healthy functioning of the body and, with a suspected 31 per cent of the global population at risk of deficiency, this is a mineral you need to know more about.

Keeping a food diary: Eating to support your exercise goals.

Those of you who have ever used the services of a personal trainer are more than likely familiar with the arduous task of keeping a food diary or log.

Food diaries are a pain in the butt, i don’t deny that. Toting around a note pad and pen and scrawling down a bizzare description of every mouthful you eat before it even has had time to digest (“deck of cards sized piece of chicken breast” or “tennis ball of greek yoghurt with 7 almonds”) becomes tedious very quickly..BUT, they do work.

fruits and vegetables that should be organic

15 Fruits and Veg You Don’t Need to Buy Organic

In a perfect world, we’d all eat nothing but naturally grown produce from our local farmer (or straight from the enormous vegetable patch in our own back yard!) everything freshly picked that day, still covered by mineral rich soil and warm from the sun. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible for us who live inner-city. Not to mention the financial strain to always buy everything organic.

Going Vegan for One Week

I met so many fascinating people at the Vegan Expo in Sydney over the weekend who live a vegan lifestyle and embrace the benefits of it – from effortless weight loss, reversal of diseases, increased environmental responsibility and spiritual awareness (just to name a few) – it was truly eye opening for me to meet such enthusiasts and it left an impression on me. So I wanted to put myself to the test to see how I could bring these added benefits to my life. Good bye meat, fish, milk, eggs – or anything that comes from an animal – for a full week.