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Peanut Bar

Peanut Choc Chunk

Fodbods Peanut Choc Chunk Bars are delicious gut-friendly health bars. Fodbods are made in Australia from 100% natural plant-based ingredients and formulated with dietitians to ensure optimal nutritional benefit. They’re also gluten-free and certified FODMAP friendly so there are no tummy aches or bloating. Best of all, they taste incredible – the crunchy peanuts and chunks of decadent dark chocolate make them the perfect guilt-free treat.

Corn Thins Sesame.jpg

CORN THINS Sesame Organic

Looking for a snack that’s healthy but not boring? Crispy & tasty, but also good for you? No need to compromise! Real Foods CORN THINS are both delicious and diet-friendly because they’re made from corn. Imagine the glorious taste of sun-ripened Organic maize, with added Sesame popped then pressed into a crispbread slice. With CORN THINS you get all the delicious taste of popcorn –- with none of the mess. They’re healthy, too: all-natural ingredients and 8% fibre. Real Foods CORN THINS are the great-tasting snack you can enjoy every day, in lots of creative ways. Try them on their own, or with any number of delicious toppings, for example; Grilled mushrooms, spinach and grated Parmesan cheese.

Ceres Organics Coconut Rolls — Espresso

Made from fresh cold-pressed coconut cream, these Coconut Wafer Rolls are a crisp yet smooth pleasure that’ll plant you right under a coconut tree, exciting your tastebuds while relaxing your soul with tropical aromas. Any time you need a sweet hit or just that moment to yourself, these will go down a treat!

Atkins Cherry Coconut — 5 Bar Box

The Atkins Cherry Coconut bar is a delicious combination of creamy cherry coconut with a layer of dark chocolate. With only 1 gram of sugar, this bar is the perfect low carb treat to delight all you chocolate cherry coconut fans.