Natural Medicine 2022

4 Ways a natural medicine practitioner can support you to a healthier 2022

Accredited practitioners what the four the most common reasons a client might visit them for the first time, this is what they said. Natural medicine practitioners have a wide variety of skills focused on supporting both internal and external health concerns. Whether you want to eat better, strengthen your body or loosen muscle tension – there is a therapy and a practitioner for you!

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AYUSA – Anise Myrtle Guayusa

The smooth, full-bodied taste of pure Guayusa, now with a subtly sweet liquorice flavour from Australian Anise Myrtle. Together, these tea leaves create a revitalising, energising and health-giving drink to nourish your body each morning.
Guayusa tea has been revered by the Kichwa tribes in Ecuador for its ability to increase energy, calm the mind, boost immunity and aid digestion. This is combined with Anise Myrtle, used by Indigenous Australians as a medicinal tonic to soothe the stomach and assist immunity, thanks to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. At Ayusa, we’re honoured to pass on the traditions of these two ancient cultures.