journal writing

Yoga at dawn

The collective realm: body acoustics

The alarm sounds six am and I roll out of bed and onto my yoga mat, managing to keep my eyes closed throughout the entire movement. Surely that’s an asana in itself right? Sleepasana maybe? I move slowly through my warm up postures, but stay a little longer in Balasana (child’s pose). Working my buttocks […]


The collective realm: skeletons and sinkholes

Crack, pop, bend, snap, grind, meld, mesh, breathe, release, goes the sound of my skeleton as it reluctantly welcomes day three of yoga school. A sinkhole of stagnant, rigid energy resides at the base of my spine: the result of an eight-hour, deep yogic sleep. As I wake up, slowly the energy starts to rise, […]


Writing and healing

Whether it’s a scrap of paper, a locked journal or a glowing computer screen, if there is a nagging worry that won’t go away, write about it. After all, who better to share your problems with than a blank page?