A sugar high vs nature’s plateau

It’s day three of going sugar free in September. If you’ve decided to take up the challenge to see how your body responds, how are you faring? Are you enjoying a break from the sugar high or is your body still figuring out what’s just happened? After a shaky start on Sunday (my niece turned […]


Life is sweet

There’s been a whole lot of talk in recent years about how sugar’s not great for you. It’s such a big field of discussion that we’ve included a special report about sugar and its impact on health in our recent issue, #146. I won’t go into detail on the bitter truth about the sweet stuff. […]


Self-transformation: Believe in your Self

I want to live my life With the ease and perfection and power Of a wave travelling along itself As it breaks into foam. The weakening habit of doubting ourselves can take many forms. It might be a constant feeling that somehow we have failed, even in the middle of success, and we can feel […]


Give up sugar and change your life

Sugar is in everything in some way or another. It is in food naturally and also added to food as a sweetener or preservative. Especially in processed, canned or packet foods the amount of sugar (and sodium) are especially high. This is because they need the product to last on a shelf for 12 months and it is often high even in savoury products.


Emphysema can kill you so stop smoking now!

Emphysema is not curable and can limit your lifestyle although modern medicine can make the disease tolerable and if you are diagnosed early you may even be able to minimize the symptoms. However, the world is in an epidemic of emphysema and chronic bronchitis which make up what is called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).


How to change your life in 2013

This year seems be the one for which everyone has been waiting: the year to change your life. Everyone is saying, “This will be my year”, and, “This will be a great year”. Even I will be relocating interstate to Bris-vegas with my family, so it’s a big year for us too. You’ll have noticed that […]

Willpower; the forgotten muscle

Willpower, like any muscle of the body, responds to stimuli. Just as bicep curls increase the strength of the biceps, exercising your willpower will result in it becoming stronger. The more you practice self-discipline and control, the easier these behaviours will become, and the less likely you will be to self-sabotage your efforts.