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At times we all find ourselves feeling sluggish and lethargic and needing some quick energy boosters. We feel unmotivated, with our energy levels nearing empty. One unfortunate thing about this state is it often leaves us without the energy to do those things that are good for us — cooking a nutritious meal, exercising or even going to bed at a reasonable hour. This state tends to perpetuate itself, setting up a cycle of low energy leading to more low energy.

The good news is you don’t have to wait for energy to miraculously appear, or for a bolt of inspiration. There are lots of small, easy energy boosters that can help you feel more alive. One of the keys to having more energy is to understand it’s all about flow. Energy naturally moves, shifts and expresses itself. If you simply begin, the flow will continue and you’ll often feel the benefits of these energy boosters instantly.


Exercise — the perfect energy booster

Movement is essential for your body in many ways. It increases your blood flow, bringing oxygen and nutrients to all the different parts of your body and brain and is a great overall energy booster. The rhythmic pumping of muscles also gets your lymphatic system moving, removing waste products from your muscles and other cells. Movement and exercise also raises your metabolism, making it an excellent energy booster. It enhances your immune system function and activates the release of feel-good hormones and neuro-chemicals throughout your body and brain.

The benefits of these energy boosters are tangible, even with very small amounts of movement and exercise. With every little bit you do, you’ll have a little more energy and motivation to do it again. Over time, you’re likely to notice yourself doing more, and the more you do, the more improvements you’ll feel and the more energy you’ll have. It sets up a positive self-perpetuating cycle. Start your body moving by taking a 10-minute walk around the block. You’ll find yourself breathing a little more freely and fully, thinking a little more clearly and feeling a little more alive. You just have to get the ball rolling to enjoy the benefits of this energ ybooster.


You don’t need to wait until you have the energy or motivation to run a marathon; in fact, big, impressive goals can often be uninspiring and seem overwhelming. Just do a little bit right now to feel good right now. If you like the way it makes you feel, keep doing it for the simple reason it makes you feel more alive and is an effective energy booster.

Daily energy boosters

Pick small, brief, easy things to get started. Take a walk in the park or along the beach, play with your kids, wash your dishes vigorously by hand. When you’ve finished the activity, pay attention to how you feel, how you sense the world and how you are breathing. Put high on your list of priorities those activities that give you energy and make you feel more alive. Doing these energy boosters regularly will make life more enjoyable and help you be more efficient and effective in the rest of your life.

Mental and emotional energy boosters

Simply getting energy flowing will have benefits for you both mentally and emotionally. Again, start with small, easy things like reading a book to a child, doing a crossword, preparing a meal or cleaning the shower. Do it passionately, be really present and give the activity as much care, attention to detail and energy as you can. Notice how you feel when you are doing it, how you feel afterwards and the results. Just getting your energy out there and moving is normally a big enough reward in itself, and the results of these energy boosters will often surprise you.

There are many different practitioners who can quickly and easily help your body to move more freely and get energy flowing more easily in your life. Chiropractors, kinesiologists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, yoga teachers and many others are experts in this. Consulting a practitioner about energy boosters can be a great starting point, especially if you’re feeling "stuck" in your life. You can borrow from their energy, enthusiasm and expertise and they can often provide the catalyst or energy boost people need.

When you’re tired you sometimes need to rest and rejuvenate. Stop pushing yourself. When you’ve done that, though, it’s time to get your energy flowing again. You just need to take the first step. Make it a small and easy step and then build on it as your energy does. Simply putting more time and attention into activities turns them into energy boosters that help you feel more alive can dramatically transform your life.


The WellBeing Team

The WellBeing Team

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