Wholesome Cinnamon Slice

Wholesome Cinnamon Slice

This recipe is a great one to cook with kids — they love getting their hands into it. If they don’t love cinnamon that’s okay; just remove the topping and let them pop some honey or butter on top when it comes out of the oven instead.

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Eloments Bourbon Vanilla

Eloments Bourbon Vanilla chai is pure comfort – a warming blend of black tea, cardamom, clove and cinnamon finished with a shot of old-fashioned, creamy vanilla from Madagascar and enriched with organic nutrients. In a world of mass production, this tea is the antithesis to that; it is grown on small-scale farms by people who […]


Cinnamon cools the stomach

Cinnamon is more than a tasty addition to a sticky bun; it is a delicious ingredient in healthy cooking. For a long while the healing powers of cinnamon have been reported and we know for instance that it can help lower blood sugar levels. Now a new study shows that it can do something else: […]