Seafood Spaghetti With Kombu

Seafood Spaghetti with Kombu

This seafood pasta is complemented beautifully by the addition of kombu, which provides salty notes to the dish. Although ground kombu can be used, you can also add a pinch of finely chopped kombu to the frying pan when adding the garlic. You can find kombu at your local Asian grocer.

Lime & Coconut Chilli Mussels

Lime & Coconut Chilli Mussels

Chilli and mussels are a match made in heaven. Personally I adore the flavours in this Asian inspired dish more than the Italian classic, though I do like a bit of spice. It’s also quick and easy to make and the broth, mopped up with fresh or char-grilled sourdough, is sensational.